Ye Tune Kya Kiya Lyrics Translation [OUATIMD]

Movie: Once Upon a Time in Mumbai Dobaara
Music: Pritam
Lyrics: Rajat Aroraa
Singer: Javed Bashir

Ishq wo balaa hai
Jisko chhua isne wo jalaa hai
Dil se hota hai shuru
Par kambakht sar pe chadhaa hai
Kabhi Khud se, Kabhi Khudaa se Kabhi zamaane se ladaa hai
Itna hua badnaam phir bhi Har zubaan pe adaa hai

Love is that problem, Who ever dealt with it, got their hands burnt.
It begins in the heart But it soon ends up getting over your head.
It sometimes fights yourself, sometimes with god,
And sometimes with the entire world..
Though it acquired such a bad name over years, it's still stuck on everyone's tongue..

[Kambakht=wretched, zubaan=tongue, adaa=style]

Ishq ki saazishein
Ishq ki baaziyaan
Haaraa Main khel ke Do dilon ka juaa

Those evil games of love,
Those bets of love,
I've lost after playing A gamble of two hearts..

Kyun tune meri fursat ki
Kyun dil mein itni harkat ki
Ishq mein itni barkat ki
Ye tune kya kiya?

Why did you finish me,
Why did you make so much stir in my heart,
Did so much progress in love,
What have you done?

Phiroon ab maara maara main
Chaand se bichhda taara main
Dil se itna kyun haara main?
Ye tune kya kiya?

I wander hopelessly now..
I'm a star separated from the moon,
Why did I lose myself to my heart to this extent,
What have you done (to me)?

Saari Duniyaa se jeet ke main Aaya hoon idhar
Tere aage hi main haara, kiya tune kya asar..

I have won over the world and come here,
but I've lost myself to you, what effect you've had over me..

main dil ka raaz kehta hoon
ki jab jab saansein leta hoon
Tera hi naam leta hoon
Ye tune kya kiya?

I say the secret of my heart
Every time I breath,
I take your name,
What have you done to me?

Meri baahon ko teri saanson ki jo
Aadatein lagi hain waisi
Jee leta hoon ab main thoda aur.
Meri dil ki ret pe aankhon ki
pade parchhaayi teri
Pee leta hoon tab main thoda aur.

Now that my arms have got used to your breaths
I will live a little more..
Now that your eyes cast a shadow on my heart's sand,
I drink a little more..

[Here the protagonist compares his heart to a desert.]

jaane kaun hai tu meri, main na jaanoon ye magar
Jahaan jaaoon main karoon main wahaan tera hi zikar

I don't know what relation I share with you,
But wherever I go, I talk about you only..

Mujhe tu raazi lagti hai
Jeeti hui baazi lagti hai
Tabeeyat Taazi lagti hai
Ye tune kya kiya?

I feel you agree [to be mine]
I feel you are a game I've won already,
I feel refreshed, What have you done (to me)?

Dil karta hai teri baateein sunoon
saude main adhoore chunoon
Muft ka hua ye faayda
kyun khud ko main barbaad karoon
Fanaa hoke tumse miloon,
Ishq ka ajab hai kaayda..

I feel like listening to you
I choose incomplete businesses.
It's like a free benefit..
Why should I destroy myself,
get destroyed and meet you,
There is this strange way in Love..

teri raahon se jo guzri hai meri dagar
main bhi aage badh gayaa hoon, ho ke thoda befikar

As my feet crossed your paths
I have, too, moved forward, becoming a little careless..

kaho to kis se marzi loon
Kaho to kis ko arzi doon
Hansta ab thoda farzi hoon
Ye tune kya kiya?

Tell me whose permission should I take,
Tell me to whom should I send request..
My smiles are a little fake these days
What have you done to me?


Vinay said...


Anonymous said...

Such a good song man. Absolutely love it!

Unknown said...

soooooooo great!!! as in this is the song of my heart and my failed love story now... but over all the song and the lyrics was awesome! :D <3

Unknown said...

Excellent music nicely sung by javed bashir. After a long time listened a beautiful qawali.

Unknown said...

A beautiful composition of pritam n superbly sung by javed..after a long time listened to such sweet music. Wonderful Indian music that approaches ur heart n soul together..

Unknown said...

Beautiful song

Unknown said...

More than amazing.. looooove it

Unknown said...

Very Good Movie I Like It. Once Upon a Time in Mumbai Dobaara

Unknown said...

I like the way you described it and would like to see more from you. Once Upon a Time in Mumbai Dobaara

Unknown said...

Oh my god...
Every time i hear it.(after understanding the words )...
I cry...

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