Bande Hain Hum Uske Song Lyrics Translation [Dhoom 3]

Movie: Dhoom 3
Music: Pritam
Lyrics: Aditya Chopra
Singers: Shivam Mahadevan [first movie song], Anish Sharma

Aasmaan ki chhat pe
Hai apni duniya
Khilkhilati hain jis mein
apni khushiyaan
Chaand ki chhalni liye
Taare chunte hain hum
Jaadui hai ye jahaan
Nahi hai koi gham

On the roof of sky is our world..
In which laugh our joys,
With the sieve of moon we pick stars..
This world is magical, there is no sorrow here.

Bande hain hum us ke
Hum pe kis ka zor
Ummeedon ke sooraj
Nikle chaaron or
Iraade hain fauladi
Himmati har kadam
Apne haathon kismat likhne
Aaj chale hain hum..

We're His men, who has a control over us..
[that is, we're only under God, and no one can control us other than Him]
The sun of hopes is rising all around (us)..
Our determination is (solid) like steel, and every step full of courage..
To write our fate with our hands, we have started today..


Anonymous said...

OMG I love this songs when they are holding hands together and they are go down yes..:)

Anonymous said...

Awesome song

shubham modi said...

Owssssmmmmm song!! :-) i lv it !! aftr listening this i feel that i can do the tffest wrk of wrld!!! Gr8 inspiratnal!

Dedaniels Henry said...

Nice I'm really touched

Anonymous said...

owsam song

Anonymous said...

Its very very helpful for doing any hardest work...
Thx Aditya Sir for writing this inspiration poem from bottom of my heart.👌👌

das saumabrata said...

Melancholic song

Anonymous said...

Awesome song

Anonymous said...

Amazing Love it !!

Unknown said...


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