Dil ka Mizaaj Ishqiya Lyrics Translation [Dedh Ishqiya]

Movie: Dedh Ishqiya
Music: Vishal Bhardwaj
Lyrics: Gulzar
Singer: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
Translated by: Harshit Gupta

ruk ruk ke kehte hain
jhuk jhuk ke rehte hain
dil ka mizaaj ishqiya [meaning]

I say, pausing in between,
I remain bowed,
The temperament of the heart is romantic..

tanha hai logon mein
logon mein tanhaayi
dil ka mizaaj ishqiya

It's lonely amid people,
there is loneliness within people..
The temperament of the heart is romantic..

choten bhi khaaye
aur gungunaaye
Aisa hi tha ye
aisa hi hai ye
masti mein rehta hai
mastaana saudayi
dil ka mizaaj ishqiya

It's gets hurt,
and still hums,
it was like that,
and is like that still.
It remains joyful,
the joyful mad one,
The temperament of the heart is romantic..

sharmeela sharmeela
parde mein rehta hai
dardon ke chhonke bhi
chupke se sehta hai
nikalta nahi hai gali se kabhi
nikal jaaye to dil bhatak jaata hai
are bachcha hai aakhir behek jaata hai

It's shy,
remains in veil,
even the twists of pain,
it bears with silence..
It never goes out of the street,
If it does, it gets lost..
After all, it's a child, it gets tempted..

khwaabon mein rehta hai
bachpan se harjaai
dil ka mizaaj ishqiya

It remains in dreams,
since childhood, the unfaithful..
The temperament of the heart is romantic..

gusse mein bal khaana
gairon se jal jaana
mushkil mein aaye to vaadon se tal jaana
ulajhne ki is ko yoon aadat nahi
magar bewafa, sharafat nahi..
ye jazbaati ho ke chhalak jaata hai..
ishq mein hoti hai thodi si garmaai
dil ka mizaaj ishqiya

To get stubborn in anger,
to be envious of others,
To evade promises when in trouble,
It doesn't like to get entangled,
But it's infidel, doesn't have decency..
It gets emotional and spills,
There is a little heat in love,
The temperament of the heart is romantic..

ruk ruk ke.. ishqiya
jhuk jhuk ke.. ishqiya..

pausing.. romantic,
bowing, romantic..

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