Ali Ali: Highway Song [AR Rahman/ Nooran Sisters]

Find the FULL VERSION of the song HERE.

The much awaited trailer of Highway is out and a song by Nooran sisters is there in the trailer itself. The song is quite difficult to get as they sing the Punjabi words quite fast, but here is what I could get, with a working translation. When the CDs come out, will make the corrections if required. Till then this should help enjoy the song.

Lyrics by: Irshad Kamil

Haan, Mitthe paan di gilauri..
Lattha suit da lahori
fatte maardi Billori,
Jugni mail-mail ke kood faand ke
Chakk chakote jaave

A sweet preparation of betel leaf,
A length of Lahori (ladies') suits' cloth
The kitten hitting wood-planks,
[kitten is used for girl, hitting wood-planks is proverbial for having fun]
The firefly, jumping and meeting all,
She goes here and there in a moment..

bola tera maali
o hariyaali jungle waali
tu de har gaali pe taali us ki
kadam kadam rakhwaali
aile lok laaj ki soojh soch ki
kyun hai aankh thitholi
Tu le naam raab ka naam saayin ka
ali ali ali
naam raab ka naam saayin ka
ali ali ali ali..

Your gardener says
O greenery of forests,
You clap on every swearing of hers,
you protect her at every step..
Why is all the regard of world and thoughts
like fun to you,
[as in, why do you not care about what the world says, or what people generally think.]
You remember the maker, God,
Ali ali ali..
You remember the maker, God,
Ali ali ali..


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Pl. translate ARR song in the trailer.. Dhoop paani baras jaye...

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Pl. translate the full version of this song. Pattakha Guddi ASAP.

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Awesome translation and in depth meaning. Please translate the whole song.

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