Jashne-Ishka Jashn-e-Ishqa Lyrics Translation [Gunday]

Movie: Gunday
Music: Sohail Sen
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Singers: Javed Ali, Shadab Faridi

Jashn e ishqa Jashn e ishqa..

Festival of Love, Celebration of Love..

Daure ishqa ek jashan hai
Lekin apna alag tashan hai
Khoon mein sulgee ek agan hai
Beh ke dikhlayega ye tewar

The era of love is a celebration,
but ours is a different style..
There is a fire burning in our blood,
This anger will flow now..

Chaahat ke dar pe dil ka dharna hai
Naa mar ke jeena, jee ke marna hai

On the door of love, the heart is sitting on a strike,
We don't have to live dying every moment, we have to die after living fully.

Toofaan ke humdum, angaare hain hum
Dhadkan mein thoda sa baarood hai khwaahish ka

We're the friends of storm, we're fireballs
There is a little gunpowder of wishes in our heartbeat..

Jashne-ishqa Jashne-ishka..

Loha jag hum aari,
Sab pe hain hum bhaari
Aadhaa jag se yaarana hai
Aadhee rab se yaari

The world is iron and we're saw (who will cut it),
We're bigger than everyone else.
We have a half of friendship with the world,
and half of frienship with God..

Chalta hai sikka, Hukmon ka ikka
banta apna har ik din hi shola sa aatish ka

What we want, happens [proverbial, literally: our coin works]
The aces of spades [hukum also means order, so it's like their order is taken by everyone.]
Every day of ours becomes a ball of fire..

Jashne-ishqa Jashn-e-ishqa..

Dil ki bhatti daalein, gham ke koyle kaale
logon ki baaton se laakhon rooh pe pad gaye chhaale

the black coals of sorrow make a hearth of the heart,
and talks of people have made thousands of blisters on our souls..

zakhmon ko sehla, ye dil na behla
dil bhi jaise ik taara hai apni hi gardish ka

soothe the wounds, (but) this heart doesn't get happy,
as if this heart too is a star of our own misfortune..

Jashne-ishqa Jashn-e-ishqa..


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Wow. very powerful lyrics.

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