Hamari Atariya pe: Lyrics Translation [Dedh Ishqiya]

Hamri Atariya [meaning] pe aaja re Sanwariya. Vishal Bhardwaj composes, Gulzar writes the lyrics, Rekha Bharadwaj sings, and Madhuri Dixit dances to it. To top it, the song is based on an old thumri on raaga Sindhu Bhairavi. Now how could you not expect high from the song. But for me, despite the high expectations from it, the song still passes, and with quite flying colors. See if you like it too. The first song of Dedh Ishqiya [meaning].

I have tried my best to translate the song, but as may always be the case with Gulzar Saab's songs, there are so many nuances in the song that one might miss, so if there is anything that you think is missing, please let me know, and if I find something to add, I sure will. Thanks.

Saj ke sajaayein baithi
Saans mein bulaaye baithi..
Kahaan gum hua anjaanaa..
are are diye re jalaye re jalaye*
naa atariya pe aaya parwana..

I sit adorned, as if in a punishment
[because the beloved is not coming]
I sit, having called him to my breaths,
where has the unknown gone?
I have kindled many lamps,
but the moth hasn't come to the balcony..
[a moth is expected to be attracted to lamps, and hence she kindles lamp.]

Kaun sautan haaye, bharmaaye re..
Hamri atariya pe, aaja re sanwariya..
Dekha dekhi tanik hui jaaye..

Which other woman do you allure,
come to my balcony, O my beloved,
let there be some looking at each other..

Kiwadiya se lag ke piya kare jhaanka jhaanki..
Bahut kaudi phenke piya udaave jahaan ki..
Kasam deve jaan ki..
Aaja gilauri, khilay doon kimaami..
Laali pe laali tanik hui jaaye..

The beloved, sticking to the door, becomes a peeping tom,
He throws a money a lot, he thinks nothing of the world,
swears upon his life...
Come, O beloved, I'll get you a betel-leaf with fragrant kimaam,
Let there be some more red over your red lips..

[Gilauri is a betel-leaf with all the components of the 'paan' preparation, paan ka beeda in simple Hindi. Kimaam is a fragrant paste made with tobacco leaves, together with cardamom, saffron etc.]

padosan ke gharva jaiho, jaiho na sabariya
sautan se boli mori kaate jeheriya,
jeheri najariya..
aaja atariya pe pilay doon angoori,
jora jori tanik hui jaaye..

don't go to the house of the neighborhood woman, O beloved,
Ask the other woman to (try and) cure my poison,
(the effect of my) posionous sight..
Come, I'll make you drink the wine,
let there be some coercion..

saajne lagaaye baithi
chuTiya ghumaaye baithi
kahan gum hua an-jaa-na.

I sit here, with all the adornment,
I sit here, having turned my braids,
where is the unknown one lost?


Anonymous said...


You have written "Kaun sa Tan hai ".
I think its "Kaun Sautan hai bharmaaye re"

Who is that(she) who has captured you in her image

Anonymous said...

Great job! Just a few things:

1) Instead of "saans mein bulaye...", I am pretty sure that it's "saazindey bulaye baithi", where "saazindey" refers to musicians.

2) "Sautan se boli", is actually "Sautan sappoli", which means "My rival is a female snake with a poisonous bite"...

Manoj Z said...

1.Bahut kaudi phenke piya udaave jahaan ki..
You blow lot of money on her, the wealth worth as a world...

minusten said...

what language is this song written in? i really like it.

Anonymous said...

padosan ke gharva jaiho, jaiho na sabariya...

I think it says:
padosan ke gharva jayiho, jayiho na safariya...

[I had asked you to] Go to the neighbours' place, not on a [distanced] trip.

Continuing further, tell that woman to cure my poison; my poisounous sight.

Anonymous said...

The language sounds like braj bhasha

Farrukh Safdar said...

Very captivating, age old thumri of begum akhter came to life all over again! Excellent presentation!

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