Horn OK Please Lyrics Translation [Honey Singh] Main aa riya hoon

Movie: Dedh Ishqiya
Music: Vishal Bhardwaj
Lyrics: Gulzar
Singers: Yo Yo Honey Singh, Sukhwinder Singh

Horn ok please...

Horn ok pleej..
Main aa riya hoon ke ja riya hoon
reverse mein muskura riya hoon
Main koi chakkar chala riya hoon
ya gol pahiya ghuma riya hoon

Horn ok please..
[Horn ok please is basically a combination of Horn Please and OK, which are found written on trucks very commonly, mostly in a way that one can read it as 'Horn OK Please', though it's not one term. Here it works in a way like a truck driver's identity.]

Horn ok please..
Whether I am coming or going,
or smiling in reverse,
Whether I am doing something,
or just revolving the tyre..

[Chakkar chalaana is a multi meaning phrase. It literally means to turn or revolve a tyre, but is proverbially used for having an affair, and also doing something that is tricky.]

Jaane kahaan gaadi thuke
Panchar ho to pahiya ruke..
Kahan kahan bhatke bhala
Faatak mile to atke zara..

I don't know where would the car hit,
or there is a puncture, and the wheel stops.
Where all we wander,
and when there is a railway crossing gate, we get stuck..

Are na raadha na saanwra
Galiyon galiyon baawra..
Are dhoondh raha hai khoi hui cheej..

(It's) neither Radha, nor (looking for) Lord Krishna,
and still roams the streets like mad,
It's looking for some lost thing..

[seems he's talking about his heart here.]

Horn ok please..
Horn ok pleej, pleej, pleej, Horn ok pleej.
Main aa riya hu ke ja riya hoon
reverse mein muskura riya hoon

O mere partner kyoon judaa ho gaye
Kaaj hain kurte ke aur button kho gaye..
Kahin to mile koi kafila
Galiyon galiyon baawara
Dhoondh raha hai khoi hui cheej

O my partner, why have you got away from me,
it's as if there are buttonholes, but the buttons are lost from a shirt,
Somewhere I will find a convoy/caravan,
I roam streets like mad,
looking for some lost thing..

[Kaaj means a buttonhole, Kurta is a robe-like traditional shirt.]

Horn okay please..

Tere bin zindagi se khalu shikva to nahi
Ek haar hai yaar thanedaar ka fatva to nahi
Ata pata to bata..
Koi sura besura, na Rafi, na Lata..
Khaalu pleej bata.

Without you, O uncle, I have no complaints against life,
It's a necklace man, not some edict by a police inspector..
Give me some idea at least,
someone in tune, or out of tune, neither Rafi is here, nor Lata..
Uncle, please tell me.

[1. Tere bina zindagi se koi shikwa to nahin is one of the most popular songs ever written by Gulzar, where they say that without the beloved, they don't have a complaint against life, but life doesn't seem like life anymore. Here, though, it's more like a parody where they have much smaller concerns.
2. Khalu is a maternal uncle, husband of mother's sister.
3. Haar could mean necklace or loss, not sure which one is here. I'm guessing they're looking for some expensive necklace here. Will update if needed.

tu gaya to kahaan..
Mera soona hai jahaan
kahin dikhta nahi tere jute ka nishan
Sar pitu haan, koi sajda to nahi
Tere bin zindagi se khaalu shikva to nahi

Where did you actually go?
My world is all empty without you.
I don't see the signs of your shoes (left on ground) anywhere,
There is no complaint against life, though, without you uncle.

Dhaar bin chakku nahin
Rassi bin lattu nahin
Tu hai to sab korma
Tere bin sattu nahi..

There is no existence of a knife without sharpness.
Nor can there be a top without a rope [the top that spins with a rope's help]
If you're there, everything is like kurma [a Mughlai dish in South Asia]
and without you, even Sattu (a very basic food item, considered tasteless and poor man's food)

Mod pe mil, phir maajra**
Galiyon galiyon baawra
Dhoondh raha hai khoi hui cheez

Meet me on the turn, then we'll talk about the mystery,
I roam streets like mad,
looking for some lost thing..

Horn okay please..

** - Not too clear.

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