Zuban/ Zabaan Jale Hai Lyrics Translation [Dedh Ishqiya]

Movie: Dedh Ishqiya [meaning]
Music: Vishal Bhardwaj
Lyrics: Gulzar
Singer: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Na boloon main to kaleja phoonke
Jo bol doon to zabaan jale hai

If I don't say, it burns my heart,
if I (dare to) say, it burns my tongue..

[The implication is that it's heart-burning to keep my love to myself, and it so tough to say it that it seems it'll burn my tongue if I try.]

Sulag na jaave agar sune wo
Jo Baat Meri Zabaan Tale Hai

I hope she doesn't get fired up [that is angry]
when she hears what I have to say..

[Literal translation is, when she hears what is under my tongue. Like he has kept it hidden under the tongue, and may come out anytime when he moves his tongue.]

Lage to phir yoon ke rog laage
Na saans aave, na saans jaave..
Ye ishq hai namuraad aisa..
Ke jaan leve tabhi Taley hai

When you catch it (love, talking of it like some flu), it feels like some illness,
it's difficult to breath, either inhale or exhale,
this love is such a loser,
it leaves you only when it has taken your life.. [or ends with you only]

[Namuraad literally means a failure, a loser, someone who is unlucky, but is also used as a kind of soft swear word, and that seems the intention here.]

Hamaari haalat pe kitta rove
hai, aasman bhi tu dekh leejo
ke surkh ho jaavein us ki aankhein-
bhi jaise jaise ye din dhale hai

You see how much even the sky cries
looking at my situation..
so much, that his eyes get reddened,
as the day comes to an end..

[In an Gulzar-alone-can types of metaphors, he looks at the redness of evening sky and thinks of it as redness of eyes when you cry.]

Na boloon main to kaleja phoonke
Jo bol doon to zabaan jale hai


Harsh Pawar said...

You have done a tremendous job my friend .. Long live Gulzar Saab !!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

Vivek said...

Any idea who's sung / recited the unplugged version in the film? And if its available anywhere?

Unknown said...

can any friend share this song sung by jgjeet singh without music

Anonymous said...

Oh god what a horrible translation

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