Na Bolun Main to Kaleja Phoonke, Jo Bol doon to Zabaan Jale Hai..

The master of words is here again. He keeps writing as such, but somehow for Vishal Bhardwaj's movies, it gets special. Though in the last year he's written only for Vishal's movies. Directed by him, or at least produced by him. Anyway, this was not about whose-movie-is-it. This is about the song, that I love, and probably you do too.

First off, yes, the song does remind you of Dil to Bachcha Hai ji, because of some clear similarities. The song is sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, the words are utterly simple, though the meaning conveyed is deep, and most importantly, the music is quite minimalist.

But then, that's most of it. There is no repetition of tune or part thereof (which is common in sequels, sometimes to the extent where they just add two more dhoom machaleys to the previous version), there is no trademark harmonium beginning of the earlier song, and there is no unnecessary inclusion of the familiar words - dil, bachcha or even ji. Yes, they could get the song a little free publicity, but would eventually make it worth less.

Instead, the team comes up with a new song, with some simple music, and rich lyrics. Rich are the lyrics that say things in words as simple as 'Lage to phir yoon ke rog laage, na saans aave, na saans jaave', almost a rustic choice of words, and still say things that need to be explained with notes. Even the 'mukhda' of the song is beautifully carved. It's burning you when you fall in love, this way or that.

For the Translation of the Song with Notes/Explanations, CLICK HERE.

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