Goosebump Lyrics Translation | Kung Fu Yoga

Movie: Kung Fu Yoga
Music: ROSSH
Lyrics: ROSSH
Singer: Fazilpuria
Label: Zee Music Company

Goosebump is a fun song made for Kung Fu Yoga, which is Jackie Chan's first movie related to India. The film stars Sonu Sood, Disha Patani and Amyra Dastur as well.

re generator ki aawaz pe
Thumka laga de ye
prabhu deva ko bhi din mein
taare hai dikha de ye

it'll dance even to the tune of
a generator running..
it'll beat even Prabhudeva (at dance)

chhe foot lambaa chaalis inch ka seena hai
yo taau mhaara yaaron duniyaa ka nageena hai

it's a six feet tall, with a forty inches wide chest,
this 'taau' of ours is a gem of the world.

[taau literally means Uncle in Hindi, but in Haryanvi, it can be used for any adult, especially in a casual way.]

yo pump de dega
yo pump de dega
re jo taau floor pe chaRh gaya
goosebump de dega

He'll pump,
once he's on the dance floor,
he'd give you goosebumps...

re cheen se america tak
taau hi bawaal hai
bijli se bhi tej
ye import wala maal hai

from China till America
taau alone is the craze.
faster than light,
this is an imported thing.

re dhole rang ka chaadra
bhai upar kaali kesi
karda step hollywood waale
dil ka poora desi...

a sheet of white color,
and black quilt on top,
he does Hollywood steps,
and completely desi at heart...

re har cheez ka solution hai
taau baRa jugaaRi hai
jungle book ka sher khaan bhi
iska pakka yaaRi hai

he has a solution to every problem,
taau is a big hustler...
even the Sher Khan of jungle
is a close friend of his.

arey jaane* desi kushti to
isne humko kung fu sikhaayi
world famous joRi ye
yaaron hai rab ne banaayi

He learnt our wrestling,
and taught us Kung Fu.
This world-famous pair
is made by God, my friends.

re hindi-cheeni bhai-bhai..
re hindi-cheeni bhai-bhai..

The Indian and Chinese are brothers.

[Hindi-Cheeni Bhai Bhai was an old phrase from the 1950s used for India's diplomatic relations with China.]

ho charche duniya mein iske
yaaron fan bumper hain
khoon mein garmi poori
june mein december hai

People talk about him across the world,
and the number of his fans is huge.
His blood is hot (i.e. he's always ready for a fight)
like there is December in June.

[It was probably supposed to be the other way round, June in December.]

isko jo chase karta
yaaron wo anaRi hai
taau hamara bhai
khatron ka khilaRi hai

Who chases him,
friends, is a newbie.
Our 'taau', O brother,
loves to play with danger.

yo pump de dega
yo pump de dega
jo taau floor pe chaRh gaya
goosebump de dega

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