Saanware Lyrics Translation | Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Anupama Raag

Music: Anupama Raag
Lyrics: Anupama Raag
Singer: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Anupama Raag
Starring: Kunal Khemu, Vartika Singh
Directed by: Sidhant Sachdev
Label: Times Music

chaaha dil-o-jaan se tumhe mere saanware
dono thhe saamne par the baRe faasle

I loved you with my heart and soul, O dark one,
both were in front of each other, and still big distances.

[Saanwara is a word literally meaning one with dusky complexion, but then it was used for Krishna, and hence is also used to signify a beloved.]

zindagi aa gayi thi kadam thaamne
kahaan tumhe DhoonRhoon main saanware
gaye hain ye do nain baaware

life had come to stop the steps,
where do I find you, O dear one.
my eyes have gone crazy...

baaware naina huye re baaware
o morey saaware, naina huye baaware…

crazy, eyes have become crazy.
O my dear one, the eyes have gone crazy.

saanson mein teri saansein hain ghuli
jeene ki meri wajah bani
dekhta hoon jidhar tu hi hai saamne

your breaths are dissolved in my breaths,
(you have) become my reason to live...
wherever I see, you are there in front of me.

kahaan tumhe DhoonRhoon main sanware
gaye hai ye do nain baware

haathon mein tere haathon ko lekar
tay hongi sabhi raahein meri
manzilein khud se hi aayegi thaamne

taking your hands in my hands
all my paths will be covered.
destinations will come to hold you on their own.

kahaan tumhe DhoonRhoon main sanware
gaye hain yeh do nain baware, baware!

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