Ye Ishq Hai Lyrics Translation | Rangoon

Movie: Rangoon
Music: Vishal Bhardwaj
Lyrics: Gulzar
Singer: Arijit Singh
Music Label: T-Series

ye ishq hai...

this is love...

sufi ke sulfe ki lau uTh ke kehti hai
aatish ye bujh ke bhi jalti hi rehti hai

the flame of the 'sulfa' of a sufi goes up and says
that this fire keeps on burning even when it's extinguished.

[Sulfa is a wad of tobacco (or weed) that is smoked in a hookah or a chilam. The meaning here is that the way the smoke of tobacco is strong enough to keep one addicted to it even after the actual flame has burnt and it's only smoldering, love also keeps its fires alive even after the flame is extinguished. The 'Sufi' being talked about here is the heart.]

ye ishq hai…
ye ishq hai…

saahil pe sar rakh ke
dariya hai soya hai
sadiyon se behta hai
aankhon ne boya hai

it's like a river
that sleeps with its head on the shore.
it flows for centuries,
it's created by the eyes...

ye ishq hai re
ye ishq hai…

tanhaai dhunta hai
parchhaai bunta hai
resham si nazron ko
aankhon se sunta hai

it reminisces in loneliness,
it weaves shadows...
it listens to the silk-smooth sights
with the eyes...

[dhunanaa literally means to spin the cotton to make thread out of it. Here the usage seems to imply that the heart processes the loneliness. bunanaa (weaving) is the next step in the process.]

ye ishq hai…

sufi ke sulfe ki lau uTThi allah hoo
jalte hi rehna hai
baaki naa main naa tu...

the flame of the Sufi's sulfa calls God.
we have to keep on burning,
there is neither you remaining nor I.
(as we both become one, and merge into Him.)

ye ishq hai…
ye ishq hai…

bekhud sa rehta hai
ye kaisa sufi hai
jaage to tabrizi
bole to rumi hai

it remains unconscious,
what kind of a Sufi this heart is.
when it wakes up, it's Tabrizi,
and when it speaks, it's Rumi.

ye ishq hai,
ye ishq hai…

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