Enu Naam Che Raees Lyrics Translation | Raees

Movie: Raees (2017)
Music: Ram Sampath
Lyrics: Ram Sampath, Hiral Brahmbhatt
Singer: Ram Sampath, Tarannum Malik
Label: Zee Music Company

zara dhyaan se suno
enu naam chhe raees
akkhi duniya mein ye
ek single piece, single piece

listen carefully,
his name is Raees.
in the entire world,
he's one single piece (of the type)...

arey pyar se pukaaro to
jaan bhi luTaa de
par shaanpaTTi Thoka to
wo sabse teRhi cheez

if you call him with love,
he'll even give his life for you.
but if you try and be smart with him,
he's the most complex thing to deal with.


hello haalaro hulle hulaare ho..

miyaanbhai ka hai daring
aur hai baniye ka dimaag
bheje mein hai total ThanDak
iske seene mein hai aag

it's the daring attitude of a muslim
and the brains of a baniya,
there is complete coolness in his mind,
and fire in the chest...

[miyaan bhaai is a word which is mostly used for muslims, while baniya is a traders' community. The idea here is to say that he's using the daring attitude like Musilms with the trade-clever mind like baniyas.]

chaahe achchha ho ya ganda
hai imaan-o-dharam dhandha
apna dhandha hi hai isko sabse azeez

be it good or bad,
but his business only is my truth and my religion.
his business is what he loves the most.


enu naam chhe raees
enu naam chhe raees
akkhi duniya mein yeh
ek single piece, single piece

hello haalaro hulle hulaare ho

chaahe nazrein hon kamzor
pakka hai nazariya
apne raste khud banaaye
kya zameen kya dariya

even if his eyesight becomes weak,
his attitude is perfect,
he makes his paths himself,
be it on the ground or on water.

kare pyaar se vyapaar
daghabaazi na sweekaar
baRa dil ka hai raja
ye aapka raees

he does business with love,
doesn't accept deceit.
this Raees of yours
is a king of hearts..


enu naam che raees
akkhi duniya mein ye ek
single piece single piece...

hello haalaro hulle hulaare ho

ennu naam chhe raees
ennu naam chhe raees
akkhi duniya mein ye
ek single piece, single piece

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