Ban ke titli dil uda hai kahin door: Lyrics Translation [Chennai Express]

Movie: Chennai Express
Music: Vishal Dadlani-Shekhar Ravjiani
Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya
Singers: Chinmayi Sripada, Gopi Sunder

Music of Chennai Express comes as a mixture of North and South Indian singers, as Vishal-Shekhar take Yo Yo Honey Singh to SPB, interestingly the two of them being in one song. In the same spirit, Vishal-Shekhar get AR Rahman's regular, Chinmayi, to sing for them this time, along with Gopi Sunder, who is a music composer for southern movies. As such Gopi has worked for Vishal-Shekhar as a keyboard programmer, though, with Chinmayi it's probably their first association.

Ban ke titli dil udaa udaa
udaa hai kaheen door
Chal ke khushboo se judaa
judaa judaa hai kahin door
haadse ye kaise, ansune se jaise,
Choome andheron ko, koi noor..
ban ke titlee dil udaa udaa
uda hai kahin door..

Becoming a butterfly, the heart has
taken a flight.. has flown somewhere far away..
How are these accidents, unheard,
As if some (divine) light kisses the dark..
becoming a butterfly,
the heart has taken a flight, somewhere far off..

Sirf keh jaaun yaa
aasmaan pe likh doon
Teree taareefon mein
chashme baddoor

should I just tell you, or
should I write on the sky,
in your praise -
far be the evil eye..
[i.e. he wants to write far be the evil eye in the sky so that in the entire sky where the heart is flying, nobody can see her with an evil eye.]


Dilruba Ahmed said...

awesomee .. But pls do post the meaning of the tamil part of the song..

pinks sayz said...

listening to this song on it <3<3<3
and here's the tamil lyrics and its translation...i got it on another page...

Tamil Lyrics : Kondal vannanaik kovalanay venney
Unda vayan en ullam kavarndhanai
Andar kon ani arangkan en amudhinaik
Kanda kangal marronrinaik kanave

I have seen the One whose color is like dark rainclouds
He is the one with the mouth that swallowed the butter of cowherds,
He is the Lord of the devas,
He is Lord Ranganatha (Lord krishna)
He is my nectar, my life!
My eyes have seen my Lord and will not see anything else! (written by a poet Thiruppaan Alvar (8th century A.D) several hundred year back)

besho a said...

pleas pleas translate the rest of the song

Anonymous said...


Anunaad A said...

Nice article.Best wishes from

Anonymous said...

plz translate d complete song......its simply wow!love it...just wanna sing it again and again......dedicating to my love......he's a nice guy...thankz chinmayi for singing so wonderfully

Dulan A said...

Chal ke khushboo se judaa judaa judaa hai kahin door

isn't This phrase about some of fragrance

flown somewhere far away as a fragrance

and finally my hindi is not good.
good work buddy

Anonymous said...

please also translate the tamil lyrics part

Anonymous said...


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