Tohe Piya Milenge Lyrics Translation (Raanjhnaa, Sukhwinder Singh)

Movie: Raanjhanaa
Music: A R Rahman
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Singer: Sukhwinder Singh, with KMMC Sufi Ensemble
Label: Sony Music

Tohe Piya Milenge is one of the best tracks of Raanjhanaa, and no doubt one of Rahman's favorites, Sukhwinder Singh gets it. And though the song has some moving music and some beautiful and slightly non-traditional arrangements, it's the lyrics of the song that create the soul of the song here.

Irshad Kamil's lyrics here are romantic and spiritual at the same time, the kind where a beloved turns into something closer to God, and God Himself can be considered to be a beloved. Basically these lyrics are highly inspired by what is actually the base of Sufism. Do listen to the song without thinking whether the piya [beloved] here is a human or God Himself, and you'll enjoy it all the more.

Jis ko dhoondhe baahar baahar
Wo baithaa hai bheetar chhup ke
Tere andar ek samandar kyoon dhoondhe dubke dubke..

The one that you search for, outside,
He's sitting inside (you), hiding..
There is a sea inside you, why do you search here and there..

Akal ke parde peechhe kar de
Ghoonghat ke pat khol de
Orey piyaa, piyaa
Tohe piyaa milenge, milenge
Tohe piyaa milenge, milenge..

Move the curtains of mind behind,
and open the veil..
You'll find your beloved..
You'll find your beloved...

Paa ke khona, kho ke paana
Hota aaya re
Sang saathi saa hai wo to
Wo hai saayaa re

To lose after finding, and to find after losing,
it has been happening (for long)..
He is with (you) like a companion,
He's a shadow..

Dagaa tune kee naa
Bas jee se jee mere
Bone seene mein wo tere dheeme dheeme re

You haven't cheated anyone,
Just live from my heart..
I have to sow Him in your heart slowly...

Jo hai dekhaa, wo hi dekha to kyaa dekhaa hai
Dekho wo jo auron ne naa kabhee dekhaa hai
Nainon se naa aisa kuchh dekhaa jaata hai
Nainaa meecho to wo sab dikh jaataa hai
Tohe piya milenge..

What have you seen if you've only seen that you have seen (with your eyes)
See what no one else has ever seen..
Such things are not seen with eyes..
If you close your eyes, everything can be seen..
You'll find your beloved..

Usi ko paana, usee ko chhoona, kaheen pe wo naa, kaheen pe tu naa
Usi ko paana, usee ko chhoona, kaheen pe wo na, kaheen pe tu naa
Jahaan pe wo naa, wahaan pe soonaa, Yahaan pe soonaa..

I have to get him only, I have to touch him alone,
Nowhere do I find him, nowhere are you there..
Where he's not there, there it's emptiness.. here, there is emptiness..

Tohe piya milenge, piya milenge, milenge
Tohe piya milenge, milenge milenge..


Murthy NSSR said...

Blessed are those who get these thoughts.. Blessed are us to listen such a beautiful music & lyrics.

Anonymous said...

Kind correction just want to make your lyrics better.

It is NOT "kyoon dhoondhe dubke dubke"

It is "Kyon dhoondhe tupke tupke", Tupke means "drops". Overall it means "there is already a ocean inside you why are searching for drops".

Appreciate your work!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, made my heart happy. Thanks

Sudheer Palaparthy said...

immersed in the melody of this superb song. Lyric of Irshad Kamil, music of Rahman, voice of the Sukhwinder Singh taken me to a different world where I have seen Love and nothing else.. God Bless all.

Bharat Kumar R said...

hi pls add rab ne bana di jodi lyrics

Anonymous said...

wah i love the language more and more.lovely song

Anonymous said...

magical words..feel the beauty..hats off irshad kamil sahab and also rehman sahab

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