Ye Tune Kya Kiya: Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai Again: Review

Really. You can't help it now. Filmmakers have stopped releasing whole albums in one go. They release it song after song, so you need to review them song by song only.

So here is one, for the latest one we loved: Ye Tune Kya Kiyaa. From Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai Again.

Pritam is doing some great stuff for some time now. Be it Agent Vinod's Raabta, or the whole Barfi, or Cocktail, or this, OUATIMA.

This song of his goes in Sufi/devotional style with the basic arrangements very similar to those of Qawwaali. The singing style in the solo sections of Javed Bashir is very much like in a devotional song. Rajat Arora's lyrics aren't too devotional, but they fit fine in the song. Amit Trivedi seems to have brought in Harmonium big time with Main pareshaan and a few more and Pritam has followed it up equally well with songs like Balam Pichkaari, so getting a harmonium here doesn't surprise one. But still, the good thing is that it's back in full volume.

The song doesn't sound something unique, but even in its usual-ity, it captures the listener in one complete listen. So once it begins running on the television, it'll not take long to be a hit. The TRANSLATION for the song can be found Here.

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