Nazar Laye Na/ Tera Saara Main Lyrics Translation - Raanjhnaa

Movie: Raanjhanaa
Music: A R Rahman
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Singer: Rashid Ali, Neeti Mohan
Label: Sony Music

Nazar Laaye Na, or Tera saara main, is a song sung by a girl who announces to the world that no one should see her beloved, who has become/about to become his husband, with an evil eye.

Maine haaraa, main teraa saaraa main
Meethaa meethaa tu, khaaraa khaaraa main
Tera saaraa main, saaraa main..

I have lost myself (to you), I am completely yours..
You're all sweet, while I am salty..
I am all yours.. all yours..

Sindooree.. rang suhaagan sachchaa
Sachcha re.. sarmaayaa jo paayaa hai wo
Tu dil mein maahee aayaa hai
Maine maahee paayaa hai
Nazar laaye naa, koi nazar laaye naa

Vermilion, is the true color of a wedded lady..
The valuable thing I have found (my love) is true too..
You have come into my heart, my beloved..
I have got my beloved..
Nobody look at him (with an evil eye)..

Dil ne shagun manaayaa hai
Ishq puraanaa aaya hai
Nazar laaye naa, koi nazar laaye naa
Nazar laaye jo tum ko jal jaaye wo
Jaan le, jag begaanaa ho
Nazar laaye na..

The heart has celebrated the auspicious time,
The old love is here..
Nobody look at him (with an evil eye..)
Even if the world becomes alien, or take my life..
Nobody look at him (with an evil eye..)

Maine haaraa, main tera saara main
Meethaa meethaa tu, khaaraa khaaraa main
Teraa saaraa main, saaraa main

Kaajal, teekaa peechhe kaanon ke
Nazron ko roke re
Duniyaa deti laakhon hi dhokhe
Meethee si ho ke re
Tan ki main mirche vaaroon
Saari sharam utaarun
Maahi naa jag ko haaroon
Kehtaa hai dil..

The kohl and black mark behind the ear,
keep the evil eye back..
The world deceives you in a hundred thousand ways..
I become sweet,
and all the chillies of myself, I sacrifice over you..
[Lemon and chillies is considered to keep evil eye away, and hence are hung at vehicles, doors, etc.]
I shall remove all my shyness,
But won't lose my beloved to the world..
This, my heart says..

Maine haara, main tera saara main
Meetha meetha tu, khaara khaara main
Tera saara main, saara main...


Anonymous said...

I really want the translation of "ay sakhi" from raanjhnaa

Anonymous said...

#1 Maine haara "main", tera saara hu main
> I've lost myself, I'm totally yours

#2 Nazar laaye jo tum ko, Jal jaaye wo
Jaan le jag begaana hooo...
> Whoever looks at you with an evil eye, he may burn
Let the alien world know (this)

#3 Duniya deti laakhon hi dhokhe
Meethee si hoke re
> The world deceives you in hundred ways by becoming sweet (to you)

These are the right translations of some of the lines, according to me.

nupur said...

Really heart touching song I luv this song....💕

mylifemyway said...

Luvd da meaning of da sng....lyrics s unique n touching....

Anonymous said...

I love this song

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