Issaq Tera Lyrics Translation [Mohit Chauhan]

Movie: Issaq
Music: Sachin-Jigar
Lyrics: Mayur Puri
Singer: Mohit Chauhan

Kuchh reshmee
Kuchh khurduraa
Abhi beh chalaa
Abhi hai rukaa
Haathon mein hai ret saa issaq teraa

A little silky,
A little coarse,
Flowing in a moment,
Stopped the other moment..
It's like sand in hands,
your love...

Us paar tu hai, is paar main
Lagtaa hai doobungaa is baar main
Jaanay kahaan hai le chalaa, isak teraa
Saare jahaan se hai judaa issaq teraa
Issaq teraa

You're on that side, and I am on this side..
[of say, a river]
And it seems this time, I will drown..
I don't know where it's taking me, your love..
It's different from the whole world, your love..
Your love..

Tu meray, main teray saamne jab talak
Ye zameen ye falak khoobsoorat lagay
Kisht mein hai milee aaj kee ye khushee
Gin rakhe hain magar kal ke lamhay sabhee
Kuchh der tujh ko bhi tak loongaa main
Palkon ke taaron mein rakh loongaa main
Hai subah ke khwaab saa issaq teraa

As long as you are in front of me 'n' I'm in front of you
This earth and this sky look beautiful..
Today I got this happiness in installment,
[or say, on credit, though that's not the literal meaning here]
But I have kept a count of those I'll get in future as well..
For a few moments, I'll see you too..
and will keep you in my eyes as well
[palak = eyelid, taare = stars, hence, palak ke taare = eyes]
It's like a morning dream, your love..
[It's a saying that the dreams seen in the morning hours come true, this is the reference for 'morning dream' here]

haathon mein hai ret saa isaq teraa

Us paar tu hai, iss paar main
Lagtaa hai dooboongaa is baar main
Jaane kahaan hai le chalaa, isak teraa
saare jahaan se hai judaa, issaq teraa

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