Raanjhnaa Hua Main Tera Kaun Tere Bin Mera Lyrics Translation

Movie: Raanjhanaa
Music: A R Rahman
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Singer: Jaswinder Singh, Shiraz Uppal
Label: Sony Music

Aa jaa aaja dil ke gaaon
Raahein dekhe koi
Jaagegi phir kismat sohney
Thee ab tak jo soyee..

Come to the village of the heart,
someone waits for you..
Fate will be with me again, o dear,
that was not with me till now..

Hua chaaron ore shehnaayi shor
Tu meri ore chal niklaa
Chadhi prem lor, o dil ke chor
Kar meri bhor, ab mukh dikhlaa

In all directions there is noise of Shehnai,
that you've started towards me..
The wave of love is high, o my heart's thief,
now make it morning for me, show me your face..

Raanjhanaa hua main tera
Kaun tere bin meraa
Raunakein tum hi se meri
Kaun tere bin mera
Tera hai chaar sooN pehra
Kaun tere bin meraa..

I've become a mad lover for you,
Who other than you is mine..
All my celebrations are from you,
Who other than you is mine..
You're there in all directions,
Who other than you is mine..
[i.e., all I have in this world is you.]

Tan thirke thirke
Man behke behke
Tera keh ke kehke khud ko
Mere dil ki baat jaane kaaynaat
Tere dil ki khabar bas mujh ko

My body dances
and heart goes intoxicated,
calling you my own..
This love of mine is known to the world,
but your heart's knowledge is limited to me..

Aa na baatein pyaar ki laana
Aa na thodaa pyaar jataanaa
Raanjhnaa hua main teraa..
Kaun tere bin mera

Come, get some talks of love with you,
Come, express your love a little..
[aa naa is more like pleading her to come]
I've become a mad lover for you,
Who other than you is mine..

Rang bikhra bikhraa
Sab nikhra nikhraa
Jaayein jidhar jidhar ye nainaa
Mujhe khud pe naaz
Hua paglaa aaj
Rahaa apne hi bas hoon main naa

I see colors flying
and all beautiful,
wherever I see..
I am proud of myself,
I have gone mad today,
I am not in my own control today..

Aa naa mujhe bas kar lena
Aa naa jaan hans kar lena

Come, come and control me,
Come and take my life happily
[and I'll be glad to do even that]..


Anonymous said...

Wowww dats to fast reply ADMIN
thankewww for lyrics <3 <3 <3

Anonymous said...

Fell in love with this song after hearing it for the first time! Lovely song! :-)

Anonymous said...

love the songgggggggg toooo good

ashwin said...

Wowwwwwwww so nice song

Anonymous said...

This song is beautiful.

Viplav Shinde said...

Its 'tera hai chaar chupera' and not chaar soon pehra

Unknown said...

wonder full lyrics.......a great love song

Anonymous said...

love dis song and love Rehman fo givin dis <3<3<3<3<3

Maria said...

I love this song and love Dhanush's dance.

Caroline said...

I absolutely love this song, catchy tune and great voice! Uplifting!

vibhu said...

Lets fall in love n make it life..... says the song

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