Laal Laal Aag hua: Lyrics, Translation (Gulzar/ Dus Tola)

lal lal aag hua patta chanaar ka
maati kumhaar ki, sona sunaar ka
gin gin gin gin din 
din intezar ka..

Leaf of poplar tree became red hot fire,
earth belongs to potter, gold belongs to goldsmith,
count count count days,
day of waiting..

reza reza palchhin pal kaatne hai
hath ki lakeeron ke bal chaatne hai
reza reza palchin pal katne hai
ratti ratti masha masha tola hai na tolna hai
ankhiyon mein band hai wo palkon se kholna hai
lal lal aankh mein hai dana anar ka

bit by bit, second by second, (I/we) have to pass moments,
have to lick them from the palm,
bit by bit we have to moments,
have never weighed small quantities*, nor will,
it's closed in the eyes and have to open with eyelids..
red, in the eye is a grain of pomegranate,

lal lal aag hua patta chanar ka
mati kumhar ki, sona sunar ka

heere ki kanni hai, na panne ka pani
sone mein soyegi, gaon ki rani
are seeli seeli jhuggiyon mein sawan guzara
boond boond matke mein bhadon utara
are inchi inchi ghoomta hai chakka intezar ka

have no small edges (pieces) of diamond nor water of emerald,
the queen of village will sleep in gold,
have passed sawan (first month of rain) in wet slums,
have collected bhadon (second month of rain) drop by drop in a vessel,
the wheel of waiting rotates inch by inch (slowly that is)

mati kumhar ki, sona sunar ka
gin gin gin gin din 
din intezar ka 
lal lal lal hua patta chanar ka
lal lal aag hua 
patta chanaar ka
lal lal lal hua patta chanaar ka

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the translation. I really like your project. A sorely needed service. Thanks for clarifying the meaning of many words. I was writing my thoughts on this song, so the meanings definitely helped. If you like I can send you my thoughts. Let me know how.

I thought 'Panna' meant the syrup made from the juice of 'Raw Mangoes'
as in


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