Udi (Guzaarish) Lyrics, Translation (Sunidhi Chauhan)

Mil gayi... aaj aasman se
Aa gayi aage main jahan se
Yeh kya hua

Met the sky,
Today I came ahead of the world,
what has this happened..

Udi, neendein aankhon se
Judi, raatein khwabon se
Mudi, ye jaane mein kahan

flew, sleep from eyes,
joined, nights to dreams,
this turn, where did I take?

Mil gayi...aaj aasman se
Aa gayi aage mein jahan se
Yeh kya hua

Paon zameen pe hai ya baadal pe
Uljhe sitaare aake aanchal se,
Jee li umar saari is pal mein,
Kuch bhi nahi ab mere kal mein

Feet are on the earth or on a cloud,
stars came and stuck in my scarf,
In this moment I lived my whole life,
Now there's nothing in my tomorrow..

Udi neendein aankhon se
Judi raatein khwabo se
Mudi ye jaane mein kahan


Tejaswini Swathi said...

hey yooooooo.. wow.. Amazing BLOG!!!

Tejaswini Swathi said...

yeah ... woooow.. Amazing blog!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting good lyrics with Translations. awesome!!

Anonymous said...

I love this song very much>> amazing song and a dance too

Anonymous said...

great work ...............

Unknown said...

its really a great song..

Anonymous said...

You don't need to translate it word by word like you have done. It removes the actual feel of the song. The translated lines should also rhyme a bit. You have done good job but try to use better lines with apt words for the particular line in hindi. With all dues to you for this wonderful job...


Unknown said...

vrey nice songs

Anonymous said...

it's amazing.

Moumita said...

Translations are either true or beautiful, they cant't be both. and translating apoem is more like describing a taste, you can never possibly do it. anyway commendable effort.


excellent song, i love it so much.

Anonymous said...

I think sometimes people like us who don't know Hindi , it's ok and fine with word to word translation , as we can get the feeling by our own poetic sense. So it's ok with word to word translation , thanks .

Anonymous said...

please anyone give the english translation of d song .mudi mudi frm PAA

Anonymous said...

Good Job!!! Keep it up.

Word to Word works for those who do know minimal hindi and want to learn or sing along.

For those who have high Hindi/Urdu skills, You could add the poetic translation if possible to give the exact meaning.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy knowing what a song is about and I'm not a hindi speaker so I also learn a bit about the language. So literal translation works for me. If you are a hindi speaker it shouldn't matter to you.

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