Dhoop ke Makaan: Lyrics, Translation (Break ke Baad)

baarish, hai khayalon mein sab dhul jayega
roshan, rasta naya ek khul jayega
beh jayega, tinka tinka kal ka silsila, chalo
mil jayega, aur ek haseen kafila, chalo
dhoop ke makaan sa yeh
hai safar dhalaan sa yeh
mod meherbaan sa hai yeh..

rain, it is everything will be washed in thoughts
well lit, a new path will be open,
the story of yesterday will flow away straw by straw, move,
we'll find one more beautiful caravan, move,
like a house of sunshine,
this journey is like a downhill (it's easy),
this turn is kind (on us)..

chhat tapakti hai kabhi ehsaas ki,
yaad aati hai purani pyaas ki,
par naye naye baadal baras kar jhoomte hain,
boond ki ladiyon se maatha choomte hain
bheegne ki yeh ghadi hai
ek nayi rut sang khadi hai
baat chhoti par badi hai..

sometimes the roof of feeling leaks,
we remember old thirst,
but new clouds dance and rain,
they kiss the forhead with chains of drops..
it's the time to get soaked,
a new weather is standing nearby,
it's a small, but big thing..

dhoop ke makaan sa yeh
hai safar dhalaan sa yeh
mod meherbaan sa hai yeh..

kitni oonchi shaakh pe khushiyon ke pal
phir bhi khushboo tod li humne uchhal
haan kaanch ka saaman the aur gir gaye hum
jod kar khud ko banaane phir gaye hum
door dariya ke kinare,
zindagi karti ishare
aasman pe hain naye taare..

on how high branches (are) moments of happiness,
still we jumped and plucked the scent,
we were things of glass and we fell,
then we went out to rejoin and make ourselves again..
far, at the shore of river,
life sends signals,
there are new stars on the sky..

dhoop ke makaan sa yeh
hai safar dhalaan sa yeh
mod meherbaan sa hai yeh..


Anonymous said...

this is so pretty ..thanks for translating :)

Anonymous said...

Terrific translation...Thanks a lot..Appreciate the good work..

vineeth said...

where's the english part in the song

Harshit Gupta said...


sir, it's not just lyrics. It's translation too.

Vikraman Kesavan said...

Hey harshit thanks a lot mate!!

Vikraman Kesavan said...

Hey Harshit thanks a lot from bottom of my heart, thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

gudd effortzzzzz!!
xcelnt job....!!

Anonymous said...

gr8 job... :)

Djgriffith said...

Awesome translation!! excellent work

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