Daayein Baayein (Guzaarish) Lyrics, Translation

Daayein baayein chahat chhayi,
Phir se, bhooli bisri yaadein aayin,
Ghir ke..

right and left love spread,
again, forgotten memories came back,
from all around..

Kisne chahat yeh barsayi,
Oh Kisne chahat yeh barsayi,
Neela ambar sarka jaise, sar se..
Phir se
Taare toote girke..

who rained this love,
o, who rained this love,
like the blue sky moved, from over the head,
again, stars fell down..

Daayein baayein chaahat chhayi
Phir se..
bhooli bisri yaadein aayin
Ghir ke

Mausam ka ehsan hai
Tu mera mehman hai
Khidmat mein bolo jaan rakh doon
Khidmat mein bolo jaan rakh doon
Tumse milke jiya aise
Phir se..
Jee utha hoon marke

it's a favor by the weather,
that you are my guest,
tell me, should I serve my life in welcome,
tell me, should I serve my life in welcome,
after I met you, I lived,
as if,
I'm living after dying..

Daayein baayein chahat chhayee
Phir se bhooli bisri yaadein aayi
Ghir ke...

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