O Bekhabar (Action Replayy) Lyrics, Translation

O bekhabar, o bekadar, betaabiyon ko na badha
Dekh le hai pyaar ka kaisa nasha mujhpe chadha

O unaware, O heedless, don't add to restlessness,
See what an intoxication of love has come over me,

O bekhabar, o bekadar, betaabiyaan bechainiyan hain jawan
Meri nazar dhoondhe tujhe tu kahan
aa tujhko main aankhon ka kaajal bana loon
O bekhabar, o bekadar, betaabiyon, bechainiyan hai jawan
Chaahungi main yoon hi tujhe bepanah
aa tujhko khushi sa labon pe saja loon O bekhabar..

O unaware, O heedless, restlessness, uneasiness is in its youth,
My sight looks for you, where are you
Come I'll make you the kohl of my eyes,
O unaware, O heedless, restlessness, uneasiness is in its youth,
I'll love you endlessly like that,
Come I'll adorn u on my lips like delight o unaware..

Roop hoon teri dhoop hoon
Tu suraj hai mann ka mere
Ya ghani main hoon roshni
Ab chalti hoon dhalti hoon tujhko hi thame re
ik pehar, tu kahe thehar
Toh jaaun na dar se tere
Har ghadi mushkilon bhari
Kyun lagti hai jo bhi guzarti hai bin tere
Tu mile toh silsile, wo ho shuru jo hai khuda ki raza
Tere bina hai zindagi bemaza
Tu mil jaaye toh main jahan se chhupa loon..

I'm beauty, your sunshine,
You're the sun of my heart,
Or I'm a dense light,
Now I walk and decline holding you only, (as in a day declines at evening)
one watch of the day if u ask me to stay,
I'll not leave from your door,
why does every moment feel full of problem,
that passes without you,
If you meet, those stories start that are God's will,
Wihtout you life is interestless,
If I get you, I'll hide you from the world..

O pyaar bhi yoon kabhi kabhi
Kar deta pareshaaniyan
Har jagah wohi woh lage
Woh aashiq anari jo dil de ke leta ja
paas bhi ho woh door bhi
Yeh kyun ho woh batlaaye na
Dil darre minnate kare
Ab usko yeh bolo ke aaye toh jaaye na
Bewajah, agar ho pata, kya hai yahi dil ki khata ki saza
Khud mein hi main, hoti hoon kyun laapata
Main janu na iss dil ko kaise sambhalun..

Love too sometimes
creates such problems,
Everywhere only he's seems to be there
that novice lover who took heart giving his heart,
he's near as well as far,
he doesn't tell why it happens,
heart is afraid, beseeches,
Now tell him not to go if he comes,
Without reason, if I know, this only is the punishment of heart's mistake,
why do I get lost in myself,
I don't know how to control this heart...


Anonymous said...

Love it!!! Thanks very much :) xxx

Anonymous said...

waw its realy meaningful..thanks a lot...

MJI said...

What an Excellent song lyrics and translation.

Anonymous said...

This is an amazing song

guess what

i wrote it

im the one and only song writer who wrote this song

im so happy that its a hit

Anonymous said...

dnt lie

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