Dekho Dekhe Ye Zamana | Honda Ad feat Akshay Kumar

Music: Pankaj Awasthi
Lyrics: Titus Upputuru
Agency: Dentsu Marcom

Udd jaaye re ye dekho panchhi
Udd raha ye pankh failaye

See, this bird flies..
See, this bird is flying with wings spread..

Zameen ko chhod kar
Wo dekho ud gaya

Leaving the earth,
See, it flew away..

Dekho dekhe ye zamana
Panchhi uda jaaye re

See, the world is looking,
A bird is flying away..

Zameen se jab hum paaon uthate hai
Pankh apne aap lag jaate hai.

When we raise our feet from the earth,
wings get attached to us by themselves..

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