Aye Bulbul e Bismil Lyrics Translation | Haider

Movie: Haider
Music: Vishal Bhardwaj
Lyrics: Gulzar
Singer: Sukhwinder Singh
Label: Junglee Music

The song is a performance of Shahid Kapoor - Haider - in front of KK and Tabu's characters who are actually the people he is talking about in the song. However, this is more like codewords, so they wouldn't understand in the beginning, and it'd settle in slowly as the story proceeds. At the end when he comes to precise details of Baramulla's Shirinpur, it'd get crystal clear to KK what he's talking, while Tabu, who is the 'bulbul' of this story, is the one Haider wants to be aware of the situation. How much and whether she understands would be seen in the movie only I believe.

Bismil bismil
mat mil mat mil
gul se mat mil

O nightingale of the hurt one,
Don't meet the flower..

Bismil bismil bulbul-e-bismil
aye dil-e bulbul-e bulbul-e-bismil
Mushkil-e-dil bhi mushkil hoti hai
Dil dhadke dil dil dadke to
dhadkan-e-dil bhi harkat-e-dil hoti hai
Khushbu-e-gul mein ishq bhara hai

O nightingale of the hurt one,
O heart of the nightingale of the hurt one,
Even the trouble of heart is a trouble.
When the heart beats (i.e. when the heart is anxious)
Even the heartbeat is some feeling in the heart,
There is love filled in the scent of a flower..

mat mil mat mil gul se mat mil
aye bulbul-e-bismil

(but) don't meet the flower,
O nightingale of the hurt one..

Sun le zamaana samjhata hoon
teri kahaani dohraata hoon
aye dil-e-bulbul, bulbul-e-bismil..

Listen, O world, as I explain..
I repeat your story,
O heart of the nightingale of the hurt one..

ik jodaa tha nar-maada ka
bholi thi bulbul, nar saada tha
barf gira karti thi jab, bhar jaati thi kohsaaron mein
ik baaz bada badneeyat tha
udta tha sabz anzaaron mein,
pankhon mein uske maut chhupi thi,
mehfil mehfil dhoondh raha tha mehelon ki manzil..

There was a pair of male-female,
The nightingale was straightforward, the male was simple too.
When the snow used to fall, it was filled in the mountains..
There was a falcon with very bad intentions,
it used to fly in the sight of greeneries (where everything was good)
There was dealth hidden in its wings,
party after party, it was looking for a destination of castles..

bulbul ke khwaabon mein jaa kar
zeher ke dank lagaaye thhe
khushbu-e-gul mein zeher bhara,
aur maada ko bhijwaaye thhe..

It had gone to the dreams of the nightningale,
and put the poisonous stings in..
It filled poison in the scent of flowers
and sent it to the female (or the nightingale)..

zeher ke dank lagaaye thhe
bulbul ke khwaabon mein jaa kar
maada ko bhijwaye the..
zeher ke dank lagaaye

Vaadi mein chhidka baarood
jheel mein jaal bichha daale
Chhuriyon se bechaare nar ke
dono pankh kataa daale

(The falcon) spread gunpowder in the valley,
and spread nets in the lake..
With knives,
it got both the wings of the poor male cut..

are dil dil dil dil jhooth kahe ye
jhooth kahe buzdil

O heart, heart,
This coward is telling a lie..

[This line probably tells what the female/nightingale/Tabu is thinking, though it could be anyone as everyone thinks of the other side as coward and liar here.]

mat mil mat mil gul se mat mil
aye bulbul-e-bismil

Zakhmi nar ko qaid kiya
zanjeeron mein bandhwaaya
baramula ke sheerinpur se dil paani mein phinkwaaya

(The falcon) captured the hurt male,
and got him tied with chains..
Then he threw the heart [i.e. the male of the story] in water from Shirinpur of Baramulla.

[Baramulla is a district/town of Kashmir, on the bank of Jhelum river.]

Jehlum, Jehlum laal laal hua laal laal hua
laal laal hua laal..
Kashmir ke paani ki taaseerein,
ghul gayin zanjeerein takdeerein,
zinda hai wo zinda hoga,
mujrim bhi sharminda hoga

The Jhelum (river's water) was red, red,
It all got red..
The effect of Kashmir's water,
chains and fates got dissolved..
He is alive, he would be alive.
And the culprit will be embarrassed.

hosh mein aaja, hosh mein aaja
aye bulbul-e-bismil..
khushbu-e-gul mein zeher bhara hai..
hosh mein aaja, hosh mein aaja
aye bulbul-e-bismil..

Come to your senses, be conscious,
O nightingale of the hurt one..
There is poison filled in the scent of the flower,
come to your senses,
O nightingale of the hurt one..


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