Are Aao Na, So Jao - Haider Lyrics Translation | Gulzar

Movie: Haider
Music: Vishal Bhardwaj
Lyrics: Gulzar
Singer: Vishal Dadlani
Label: Junglee Music

Vishal Bhardwaj and Gulzar can always be a deadly combination. Vishal Bhardwaj and Vishal Dadlani have been a hit once. Vishal Bhardwaj and Rock are something very good, though quite underrated (remember Paanch? That was a rock album at the beginning of the millennium). And Vishal Dadlani and Rock go quite hand in hand.

To tell the truth, the chances were pretty good that the song would come out well. But it's a gem that comes once in a while even from Vishal Bhardwaj's kitty. It was a treat to listen to in the trailer itself, and now that the full song is here, I have a feeling that it may well be the best thing in the movie, even if the movie is as good as I expect it to be. Listen to the song if you haven't. It's a must.

And yeah, the sleep Gulzar sahab is talking about is the eternal sleep.

Jale hee Jale hee Jale
Diye se jal rahi saari zindagi ooo..
Nahi bujhey, bujhey nahi
Hawaa se bujhey nahi saari zindagi oo..

It'll burn, it'll burn,
the whole life burns like a lamp..
It doesn't get extinguished..
It doesn't get extinguished by winds, all life..

Ek phoonk se miyaan
Sab udd gayaa dhuaan
wo jo saans ki ek phaans thi
wo nikal gayi jo kharaash thi
Ama seene ki wo khalish gayi
Bekarariyan, beemaariyan gayeen
Ab to aao jaan meri so bhi jaao..

With just a blow, sir,
everything flew off like smoke..
That breath, which was a noose,
that went out, the hoarseness of throat that it was.
That pricking in the chest is over.
restlessness, sicknesses, all ended
Now come my dear, sleep..

Arey aao na, ki jaan gayi
Jahaan gaya, so jaao
Arey aao na
Ki thak gayi hai zindagi, so jaao

Come, the life has ended,
the world gone out, sleep..
Come, the life has got tired,
now sleep..

Naa shaam na savera
Andhera hi andhera
Hai roohon ka basera, so jaao!

There is neither evening nor morning,
just darkness and darkness.
It's a house of spirits..

Hawaa thhe hawaa thhe hawaa
Hawaa the hawaa huey
Baaki to khalaa...

They were all winds,
and went away (like the winds),
the remaining is emptiness..

Kabhi thhe to kabhi nahi
Kabhi thhe kabhi nahi
Baaki to khuda.. oo..

They were there sometimes,
and sometimes not,
The rest (who is there always) is God..

Yeh tha azal se tha
Uske fazal se tha
Bada kaam tha us zameen par
Wo to likh diya jabeen par
Jo guzar gayi, wo guzar gayi
Bewajah yahaan naa raho miyaan
Chalo miyaan, sabr le lo
Qabr le lo
Ghar mein aao...

This was all by excitement,
By his kindness,
There was a lot of work on that earth,
That is written on the forehead [as in, one's fate is decided]
what has passed, has passed,
Now don't stay here for no reason, sir.
Come sir, take patience.
Take a grave.
Come Home.

Are aao na ke jaan gayi jahaan gaya so jaao
Are aao na ke thak gayi hai zindagi so jaao..

Come, life is gone, the world has gone, sleep.
Come, the life is now tired, sleep.

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Anonymous said...


Azal means ' time immemorial' though.

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