Kya Khabar - Javed Ali | Ghazal English Translation

Album: Kuchh Dil Ne Kaha
Composer: Ahmed Hussain, Mohammad Hussain
Lyricist: Harsh Brahmbhatt
Artist: Javed Ali
Publisher: Red Ribbon Entertainment

Javed Ali is a talented singer, and one of those who like to explore beyond the regular lines. He has been there in numerous Bollywood songs, but other than that, he has been on TV, sung for independent films like Kaafiron ki Namaaz, and been singing Ghazals. Here is a ghazal sung by him, a composition by Ahmed Hussain and Mohammad Hussain.

Kya khabar kaisi hogi kya hogi
dard-e-dil ki magar dawaa hogi

I have no idea how and what it would be,
but there must be some cure for heartache.

Tu bichhad jaa magar ye kehtaa jaa
Zindagi kyaa tere sivaa hogi

Go away from me, but (at least) tell me as you go,
what would life be without you.

Daastaan apni bhool baithe ho
yaad meri kahaani kya hogi

You seem to have forgotten your own story,
how would you remember my story..

Zindagi khwaabenaar hai aisa,
Jiski taabeer mein hawaa hogi.

Life is such a dream of hell,
in whose interpretation there would be winds.

Mujhko warna sazaayein kyun miltee.N
Meri kuchh to kaheen khataa hogi.

Why would I otherwise get such punishments,
There must have been some mistakes of mine somewhere.

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