Feel of Aagadu / Aagadu Dialogues Translation | Aagadu (2014)

Movie: Aagadu (2014)
Cast: Mahesh babu, Tamannaah
Music: Thaman.S.S
Singer(s): Mahesh Babu 

Aagadu dialogues/ Feel of Aagadu
Prathi odu pululu, simhaalu, yenugulu, elakalathoti edhava comparisons, yelaparam vacchetthaandhi

Everyone is comparing himself with tiger,lion, elephant, rat and so on,
Too irritating it is!!

Eyy Nuvvu essaavv!

Hey, even you've cracked a joke/ uttered a punch!

Police odiki criminal meedha undaalsindhi devotion kaadhu aversion

A policeman shouldn't have devotion.  He should have aversion towards a criminal

Aina Nuvvu dialogue esthe counter eyyataaniki nenu writer ni kaadhu fighter ni
Aibaaboi naaku cinema dialogue lu vachesthnaayeti?

If you utter a dialogue, To throw a counter I'm not a writer. I'm a fighter!
Oops! Even I'm uttering movie dialogues!

Dikki balisina kodi chicken shop mundhukocchi thoda kottindhanta

Tiger l'm!!
A fully fat grown hen has come Infront of a chicken shop and did thigh slapping!

Cinemaala prabhaavam janaala meedha yenthundho theldhu kaani
Punch dialogue la prabhavam gattiga undhi

Don't know how much influence these movies have on people, the influence of punch dialogue is really high!

Ippudu cheppandra abbayilu, what to do ? What not to do??

Guys, tell me now!
What to do, what not to do?

Eyy, Nuvvu essaav

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