Dhadam Dhadaam Lyrics Translation | Bombay Velvet

Movie: Bombay Velvet
Music: Amit Trivedi
Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya
Singer: Neeti Mohan
Label: Zee Music Company

dhaDam-dhaDam is something like the beating sound of the heart. At the same time dhaDaam is also onomatopoeia used for the sound of a fall. So here dhaDam dhaDam shows heart beat, but the choice of word also somewhere it shows a fall, metaphorically a sadness, as well.

dava na kaam aaye
dua bachaa na paaye
sirf haare
dhaDkanein goonjti dhaDam dhaDam,
darbadar ghoomti dhaDam dhaDam..
malaal mein..

no medicines work,
wishes can’t save you,
I just lose..
heartbeats echo thump thump,
they roam door to door, thump thump,
in sorrow…

hum pe beeti hai jo bhi
kehna chaahte the hum,
kyun chup rehne ki tumne
khaamakha mein di kasam
ab hai gila tumhe,
humne daga tumhe, hai diya..
jaan ke kadam kadam,
ilzaam ye hum pe hai
sitam sitam..
dhaDkanein goonjti dhaDam dhaDam,
malaal mein….

what has happened with me,
I wanted to say,
why have you given me
an oath to remain quiet for no reason..
now you have a complaint,
that I have deceived you..
even after knowing, step after step,
this blame to me,
is a torture..
heartbeats echo thump thump,
in sorrow..

tum rooThe to hum TooTe,
kitne hum kareeb hain
haare tum ko to samjhe,
kitne hum gareeb hain,
hum sehra ki tarah,
tum baadal ho mera
baarishein DhoonDhti dhaDam dhaDam,
darbadar ghoomti dhaDaam dhaDaam,
dhaDkanein goonjti dhaDam dhaDam,
malaal mein….

you got angry, and I broke,
how close we are,
when I lost you, I understood
how poor I am..
I am like a desert,
you are my sky..
rains search, thump thump.
they roam door to door, thump thump,
heartbeats echo thump thump,
in sorrow…

dhaDkanein dhaDam dhaDam,
goonj ke dhaDaam dhaDaam,
jaise maut ki sazaa,
suna raheen..

heartbeats, thump thump,
echoing, thump thump,
seem to be declaring
the capital punishment (to me)..

dhaDkanein dhaDam dhaDam,
poochh ke dhaDaam dhaDaam,
kitni saans hain bacheen,
gina raheen,

heartbeats, thump thump,
asking, thump thump,
how many breaths are remaining (in my life)
making me count (how much life remains for me)..

dhaDaam dhaDaam dhaDaam
dhaDaam dhaDaam dhaDaam,
malaaal meeeeinn….

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