Jheeni Jheeni/ Bezubaan Lyrics Translation | Piku

Movie: Piku
Music: Anupam Roy
Lyrics: Manoj Yadav, Anupam Roy
Singer: Anupam Roy
Label: Zee Music Company

kis lamhe ne thaami ungli meri
phusla ke mujhko le chala
nange paaon daudi aankhein meri
khwaabon ki saari bastiyaan
har dooriyaan har faasle qareeb hain
is umr ki bhi shakhsiyat ajeeb hai

which moment has held my finger,
and is cajoling and taking me,
my eyes ran barefeet (signifies without a care, unprepared)
across all the streets of dreams..
all the distances, are close,
the personality of this age, is strange..

jheeni jheeni in saanson se
pehchaani si awaazon mein
goonje hai aaj aasmaan
kaise hum bezubaan
is jeene mein kahin hum bhi thhe
thhe zyaada ya zara kam hi thhe
ruk ke bhi chal pade magar
raste sab bezubaan

from these fragile breaths,
among known-like voices,
the sky echoes today,
how could we be voiceless..
in this living, somewhere we were there too,
we were there, sometimes a bit more, or say, a little less only,
but still, even after stopping,
all the voiceless paths walked on..

jeene ki ye kaise aadat lagi
bematlab ye karze chadh gaye
haadson se bach ke jaate kahaan
sab rote hanste seh gaye
ab ghalatiyaan jo maan li to Theek hai
kamzoriyon ko jo maat di to Theek hai

what a habit of living have we made,
that we have taken these unreasonable loans,
where could we go away from accidents,
we bore with everything, crying or laughing,
now that we have accepted our mistakes, it’s okay,
now that we have defeated our weaknesses, it’s okay.

jheeni jheeni inn saanson se
pehchaani si awaazon mein
goonje hai aaj aasmaan
kaise hum bezubaan

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