Dohchay title song lyrics and translation | Dohchay (2015)

Movie: Dohchay/ Dhochey (2015)
Music: Sunny M.R
Director: Sudheer
Singers: Shalmali Kholgade, Arijit Singh
Cast:Naga chaithanya, Kriti sanon

Dhammunte dhochey dhochey
Dhorikindha dhochey dhochey
Kalisocche kaalam vasthe dhochey dhochey
Kashtaaniki velakattaali
Velakadithe viluvundaali
Vilivundhani thelisundhante dhochey dhochey dhochey
Dhunne vaadithe le bhoomi
Dhochesevaadidhi lokam
Ye bari Mari nerpunu ganaka inthaku minchina sumathi sathakam
Mosaaniki modhaluntundha
Poni manatho aagedha
Ee rendu theliyani vaadiki lokam lone chotuntundha

If you're daring enough, Steal
If you find a thing, Steal it
If things are going in favour of you, steal
An obstacle/ hardwork should've some price
If there's a price tag, it is valuable
When it's valuable, Steal it
The man who ploughs owns the land
The man who steals own the world
Which other field/profession would preach you better?
Does cheating/deceiving has got an end?
Would it stop with us?
Would the guy who doesn't about these two has place in this world?

Nee gatham yedho undhiga
Aa kadhe yento vinedhevvado
Adugese dhaari rammandhi pora
Nuvvevaro lera
Lokam anthera

You've got some past
God knows who would listen to your past
The path has asked you to step in
Wake your inner self up!
The world is like this!!

Dhochey dhochey | Repeat |

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