Raana lyrics and translation | Dohchay (2015)

Movie: Dohchay/ Dhochey (2015)
Music: Sunny M.R
Director: Sudheer
Cast:Naga chaithanya, Kriti sanon
Singers: Shalmali Kholgade, Arijit Singh

Raana neekai okkasaari
Raana ninne Kori Kori
Nuvvu niliche dhaaredhaina kadhilostha
Nannu pilichelope neetho unna!
Payanamuke bhayapadithe gamyaalasale cheram
Parugidhani modhaledithe aagam!!
Alupasale theliyadhule yenthaina kaani dhooram
Malupulalo jarugenuga dhaggaraga dhooraale

I will come for you this (last) time
I would come in desire of you
No matter which way you stand, I would come
I'm already there before you've called me
If we're scared the process/journey how can we reach the destination?
If we start running behind it, we would never stop.
No matter what the distance is, we won't be exhausted
Two distantly placed paths are brought closer by a loop/turn

Haaye haddhe dhaatene adde ledhani
Jore ninge thaakene
Gaale gole chesina nee naa Madhya
Dhoore chote ledhane (na)
Mana venake parigeduthu alisenu needaina
Ninnu vadhile nadavanuga! Ye dhikke unna raana!
Chinukasale yeruganidhi yedaare aina,
Ninnu thagili chali perige manchalle maarena

Happiness has Crossed the limits and I'm on cloud nine
And enthusiasm has reached heights(sky)
Air has started playing tantrums as ut couldn't find place between us
Shadow has got tired after coming behind for so long
I wouldn't leave you ever.
I would reach any nook and corner for you
Desert which never knew how a raindrop would be like would turn into a snow world with your touch.

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