Lalla Lalla Lori Lyrics Translation | Welcome To Karachi

Movie: Welcome to Karachi
Music, Lyrics: Rochak Kohli
Singers: Vishal Dadlani, Shivi
Music Label: T-Series

la lala lalla lalla lori
lalla lalla lalla lori

lalla lalla lori is the beginning of a famous lullaby, and the line goes, lalla lalla lori, doodh ki kaTori, which literally means a lullaby for my dear kid, (there is a) bowl full of milk. The bowl reference also has been used in the song and turned into a bowl of liquor.

o kendi mummy shaam ko jaldi aaja na
roti-shoti khaa ke so jaana
neend nahi aaye to sun le
lalla lalla lori

my mother says come early in the evening
have dinner and sleep..
if you don’t feel sleepy,
then listen to a lullaby..

ab main chhoTa bachcha nai
bournvita peeta nahi
ghaDi mein saat baje
i'm on daaru ki kaTori

I am not a little kid now,
I don’t drink bournvita anymore,
as soon as it’s seven O’clock,
I am on to the bowl of liquor..

daaru ko behne de
thoDi thoDi thoDi chaDhne de
mauka hai re karne de

let the liquor flow,
let it intoxicate..
now that there is a chance, let it happen..

koi lya de mainu
lalla lalla lori, daaru ki kaTori
chori nahi ki hai maine pee hai
lalla lalla lori, daaru ki kaTori
lag gayi buri hai maine pee hai

someone get me
a lullaby, oh, a bowl of liquor,
I haven’t stolen something, I’ve just drunk..
a bowl of liquor,
I have got a bad habit, I’ve drunk..

oye sun lo saare
chaar baje ghar jaaunga
pehle mint chabaaunga
baapu jaag gaya to
gaana lalla lalla lori
sone ka mera mann nahi hai
after party karni hai
subah ke saat baje tak peeni
daaru ki kaTori

O listen everyone,
I’ll go home at four,
will chew a mint first,
then if the father wakes up,
the song, lalla lalla lori (will be sung to me)
I don’t feel like sleeping,
I have to have an after party,
I have to drink a bowl of liquor
till seven in the morning..

Talli hoke girne de
booTy ko hilne de
mauka hai re karne de
karne de, karne de...
maine pee hai...

let me be intoxicated and fall,
let my booty shake,
when there is a chance, let me,
let me, let me..
I have drunk..

la la lalla lalla lori
lala lalla lalla lori


Unknown said...

Lalla Lalla Lori Lyrics from Welcome To Karachi : One of the worst composition and lyrics edit by any Indian heart. :(

Anonymous said...

Please translate Shakira from the same movie!! Thanks

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