Ishqedarriyaan/ Ishqedaariyaan Meaning

-daar is an Urdu Farsi suffix that is used for someone who has something. It's a little tough to explain, so let's take an example. Zimmedaar is someone who has a zimma, responsibility, so zimmedaar means responsible. Similarly, one who has a hissa, a part in something, is hissedaar.

Now that way, Ishqedaar is someone who has love, who is part of that love, and ishqedaari would be the thing that he has, that is love. So after a turn around, ishqedaari is more or less, love. Just like zimmedaari which is responsibility, more or less same as zimma.

Ishqedaariyaan (or ishqedarriyaan, as they have spelled it), thus, which is nothing but the plural for ishqedaari, means 'loves', as in, the loves that the partners in love have.

And just in case you thought all that was blabbering, just call ishqedarriyaan as love.

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