Hum Chale Baharon Mein Lyrics Translation | Piku

Movie: Piku
Music, Lyrics: Anupam Roy
Singers: Anupam Roy, Shreya Ghoshal
Label: Zee Music Company

This song, called Journey Song, has lyrics that I found a little confusing when I tried to make sense of them, though the words were lovely, and so is the music. There is a possibility though that the lyrics will make more sense when the movie is out, something that the unusual first line and the story of the film have made me think. Anyway, for now, enjoy the nice music and the video.

dheere chalna hai mushkil to jaldi hi sahi
aankhon ke kinaaron mein bahaane hi sahi

it’s tough to walk slow, so it’s okay even fast,
it’s okay if there are excuses in the corners of the eyes..

hum chale bahaaron mein
gungunaati raahon mein
dhadkanein bhi tez hain
ab kya karein
waqt hai to jeene de
dard hai to seene de
khwahishein anjaan hain
ab kya karein..

we go in the blossoming weather,
on the humming paths,
the heartbeats too are fast, what should I do..
when there is time, let us live..
when there is pain, give us heart (to bear it),
we are ignorant of our wishes, what to do now..

shabdon ke pahaaDon pe likhi hai dastaan
khwaabon ke lifaafon mein chhupa hai raasta

there is a story written on the mountains words,
and the path is hidden in the envelopes of dreams.

hum chale bahaaron mein
gungunati raahon mein
dhadkane bhi tez hain
ab kya karein
o.. waqt hai to jeene de
dard hai to seene de
khwahishein anjaan hain
ab kya karein

O.. jiya
O.. guzarte nazaare
rang udaane de
hum nashe mein hain
bhool gaye sawaalon ko saare

O.. heart,
O.. passing sceneries,
let me make colors fly,
we are intoxicated,
have forgotten all the questions..

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