Mohabbat Buri Bimari Lyrics Translation | Bombay Velvet

Movie: Bombay Velvet
Music: Amit Trivedi (Remix by Mikey McCleary)
Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya
Singer: Shalmali Kholgade
Label: Zee Music Company

mohabbat buri bimari
lagi tujhe to teri zimmedari
mohabbat buri bimaari..

Love is a bad disease..
if you get it, it’s your responsibility..
Love is a bad disease..

ye beraham jisko kaaTe
paani nahi daaru wo maange
ghar se khuda ko haTaa ke
mehboob ki tasveer Taange
lagti hai halki paDti hai bhaari
lagti hai halki paDti hai bhaari
paDti hai hmm.. paDti hai.. ha!

whoever is bit by this cruel thing,
he doesn’t even ask for water, but for liquor instead.
[kaaTa paani nahi maangna, literally meaning not to ask for water when bitten, is an idiom used for quick death, often in context of or comparing with a deadly snake whose venom would be so strong that the person bitten would not even live long enough to demand for water.]
he removes God from his house,
and puts a picture of his beloved there.
it looks simple, but turns out to be tough..
it looks easy, but turns out to be tough..

mohabbat buri beemari….

chhoone se hoti nahi
nazron ke raste se aaye
jhagda hai iska akal se
masoom dil pe kabza jamaaye
soorat se bholi neeyat shikari
soorat se bholi neeyat shikaari
neeyat shikaari.. neeyat shikaari..

It doesn’t spread by touching,
but comes through the eyes..
it has an issue with the brains,
it has captured the naive heart..
it’s innocent by face, but the intention is that of a hunter..

[the first line here would also remind people of ads opposing the social stigma against AIDS patients, these ads always said AIDS isn’t spread by touching.]

mohabbat buri beemaari
lagi tujhe to teri zimmedaari
mohabbat buri bimari...

to teri zimmedaari..
mohabbat buri bimari!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The line is
Jhagda hai iska "akal" se
Not kal se.

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