Ek Hatheli Teri Ho Lyrics Translation | Ishq Ke Parindey

Movie: Ishq Ke Parindey
Music: Vijay Vermaa
Lyrics: Shakeel Azmi
Singer: Sonu Nigam, Keka Ghoshal
Label: Zee Music Company

dono milke apne rab se
pyaar ki maange duaa
ek hatheli teri ho
ek hatheli meri ho

let’s both ask our god
for the wish of love,
may one palm be yours,
and one mine..

pyaar ke is khel mein
do dilon ke mel mein
jeet ho to dono ki ho
haar akeli meri ho

in this game of love,
in this meeting of two hearts,
if there is victory, may it be for both,
and if there is loss, may it just be for me..

ek hatheli teri ho
ek hatheli meri ho

khwaab ki ungali pakad kar
door tak jaayenge hum
tum kabhi jo kho gaye to
DhoonDh kar laayenge hum
kho ke milna milke khona
pyaar mein hansna rona
gham ho mera aur khushi ki
har saheli teri ho

holding the finger of the dream,
we’ll go till far away..
and if you ever get lost,
I’ll go and find you out..
meeting after separation, and separation after meeting,
there is laughter and crying all there in love..
let the sadness be mine and
every friend of joy be yours..

ek hatheli teri ho
ek hatheli meri ho

tera chehra meri aankhen
roshni ho darmiyaan
main tumhaari rehguzar mein
banke chamkoon kehkashaan
tere hothon par ye baatein
chaandni jaise ho raatein
jo meri baaton se suljhe
wo paheli teri ho..

your face and my eyes,
may there be light in between them (so that I can see you, I guess)
may I shine like the zenith (wrt galaxy)
on the path you walk on..
these talks on your lips,
are as if the nights are moonlit..
the riddle that gets solved by my talks,
may that be yours..

ek hatheli teri ho
ek hatheli meri ho

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