Allah Waariyan Lyrics Translation [Tooti Yaariyan Mila De Oye]

Movie: Yaariyan
Music and Lyrics: Arko Pravo Mukherjee
Singer: Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan

Apne roothein, paraaye roothein
Yaar roothe naa
Khwaab tootein, waade tootein
Dil ye toote naa

My close ones get angry, others get angry,
The beloved shouldn't be angry..
Dreams break, promises break,
The heart shouldn't break..

Roothe to khuda bhi roothe
Saath chhoote naa

If He gets angry, even God can get angry,
but I shouldn't get away (from my beloved)

O Allah Waariyan
O main to haariyan
O tooti yaariyan mila de oye!

Sacrificed on you, O Lord, [as in, in prayer with everything ready to sacrifice]
I am all lost,
My broken love, just get me that..

Udte patangon mein
Holi waale rangon mein
Jhoomenge phir se dono yaar

In flying kites,
in the colors of Holi,
Once again we'll both dance together, O beloved..

Waapas to aaja yaar
Seene se laga ja yaar
Dil to hue hain zaar-zaar

Come back, O beloved..
take me in your arms, O beloved..
The hearts have completely shattered..

Reh bhi na paayein yaar
Seh bhi na paayein yaar
Behti hi jaaye dastaan

I can't even stay like that,
I am not even able to bear..
The story keeps flowing..

Umr bhar ka intezaar
Ik pal bhi na qaraar
Ungli pe nachaaye dastaan

The life long wait,
No peace for even a moment,
The story makes you dance on fingers..
[means, the story makes you do what it wants.]

Ho apne roothe, paraaye roothe
Yaar roothe naa...


SuRaJsInGh said...

awwwwwsome song.....
my one of the favourate song..
thanks for this allah waariyan song lyrics, a nice blog for lyrics

Anonymous said...

my fav song makes me to remind my days of frdship
thanks for this

Anonymous said...

an excellent lyric

Anonymous said...

an excellent lyric

Anonymous said...

Miss u alot .......baabu

Anonymous said...

Miss you very badly My Dear Heart Priya

Ashok Raut said...

Mis u adi..

Unknown said...

Ma fav Song... Badly missing my own closed ones

Florance Anthony said...

Ths song makes me to remind ma own closed ones... Love ths song... Madly keeping on repeating listening ths song

Morris Latif Gordon said...

Nice song

Anonymous said...

very ecellent lyrical i couldnt understand hindi but this is the only song i usually listens among hindi songs

Anonymous said...

I don't know hindi, But i madly listen the sond daily with some happiness....... Thanks for the meaning...... I get this song from Kumkum bhagya serial...... After i hear that song from kkb only i search for the full song, its make me feel really amazing..... Very nice lyrics......

Anonymous said...

I had to watch this serial iniya iru malargal once when i had been to my mom's home. From then on, I didn't want to miss that. Slowly tried to get the previous epoisodes from the youtube. But, I got the original soap named KUMKUM BHAGYA. Just like that I was watching the episodes. At a point, I became crazy and now I've become a addict to the extent that I've started taking leave from all my responsibilities. The songs have been giving me an unknown happiness. I've also become a crazy fan of the characters Abhi and Fuggi.

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