Tune Mari Entry Yaar Dil mein Baji Ghanti Yaar: The Right Lyrics

It's quite a mix. The song which is titled 'Tune maari entriyaan', and is hence known by all those who know the title as 'tune maari entriyaan re dil mein baji ghantiyaan re' could well be 'Tune maari entry yaar dil mein baji ghanti yaar' instead.

Of course, I knew the title of the song as given by Yashraj, that is 'tune maari entriyaan' and so I heard is as 'tune maari entriyaan re'. But then I heard the song later when I realized one could think of it as 'tune maari entry yaar' and then listened to the entire song again. And there is nothing that clears that the song is exactly what YRF mentions it is, or if it is 'tune mari entry yaar'. You can hear it either way and it would sound perfectly alright.

If anything, one could wonder why the line would be tune maari entriyaan when there is only one girl who is to enter the heart. Also, I see only one bell ringing in everyone's hand, so I'd go for 'tune maari entry yaar' being more logical. Now why would they call it 'tune maari entriyaan' is still outside my brain's reach. Only guess I can make is that they gave someone the CD and asked him to listen and label the songs and that someone thought the song was tune maari entriyaan.

Whatever it is, the song is tune maari entriyaan now. But then you're free to assume what you like. :)

Also, the Full Lyrics of the song with Translation can be found HERE.


y.a said...

it is indeed "entry yaar" ... if you go with the whole song, it has one part where it is like:

"senti ho ke baatain bhi tu kar raha hai senti yaar'

it cannot simply go with "sentiyaan" .

so yeah, why are they officially calling it entriyaan is out of y mind ... probably going with the popular opinion/understaning...

mayank said...

^^ exactly bro... what i wanna say....

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