Suno na Sangemarmar ki Ye Minarein Lyrics Translation [Youngistan]

Movie: Youngistan
Music: Jeet Ganguly
Lyrics: Kausar Munir
Singer: Arijit Singh

Suno na sangemarmar ki ye minarein
Kuchh bhi nahi hain aage tumhaare
Aaj se dil pe mere raaj tumhaara..
Taj tumhaara..

Listen to me (as in believe me),
these minarates of white marble are nothing compared to you
[as in, their beauty is nothing in comparison to your beauty]
From today, on my heart there will be your rule.
(From today) the Taj is yours..

[Taj literally means a crown. So this may also be taken that she has the crown, and hence she's the queen, of his heart.]

Bin tere maddham-maddham
Bhi chal rahi thi dhadkan
Jab se mile tum hamein
Aanchal se tere bandhe
Dil ud raha hai

Without you, even the heartbeat
was going on slowly..
Since I found you,
I am tied with you..
(and) the heart is flying..

Suno na aasmaanon ke ye sitaare..
Kuchh bhi nahi hain aage tumhare..

Believe me, these stars of skies,
are nothing compared to you..

Aaj se dil pe mere raaj tumhara..
Taj tumhara..

Suno na sangmarmar ki ye minaarein..


Anonymous said...

Wonderful Song and good translation

Anonymous said...

Am dedicating this song to my sweet raghavendra koti....

Anonymous said...

The song has the right combination of lyrics and music. I am dedicating tis song to my crispy sister adithi whose care for me is more than the marbles of taj...

Anonymous said...

unbelieveable song and wonderfull piturization because of beautiful combination of lyrics.
i want to dedicate this song to my forever love erum shehzadi (haider ali)

Anonymous said...

Hi Harshit!
What about translating the last paragraph ?

Anonymous said...

Hi fayu..
Very beautifull song...heart is quaked after heEred this song...bczz song is good nd meaningfull.. I dedicated this song to my lover for ever..

Anonymous said...

I dedicate this marvellous song to my life Raghu

Anonymous said...

A beautiful lyrics which I am dedicating to my lovely sis and Raghu

Anonymous said...

Very pleasant song....I loved it a lot

Anonymous said...

wonderful song,with nice lyrics and music.i dedicate dis song to my love

Fred said...

Amazing song! I am dedicating this to simran lalwaney.. :)

Anonymous said...

The last stanza is misssing:

Ye dekho sapne mere
neendon se hoke tere
raaton se kehte hain lo
hum to sawere hain wo
sach ho gaye jo

suno na do jahanon
ke ye nazare
kuch bhi nahin hain aage tumhare....

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Nice song

Anonymous said...

Really nice song.. i dedicated this song to my ????????

vijay said...

loved the song....

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