Blue Eyes Hypnotize Teri: Lyrics Translation [Yo Yo Honey Singh]

Blue eyes hypnotize teri kardi ai mennu
I swear! chhoti dress mein bomb lagdi mennu
Glossy lips, uff yeh tricks
Baby lagdi ai killer
Oh yeah oh yeah
Katal kare tera bomb figure

Your blue eyes hypnotize me
I swear you look bomb in that small dress
Glossy lips, Oh these tricks
baby you look killer
oh yeah oh yeah
your bomb figure kills

Meri aankhon mein dekha kar
Jab mein baat karta hoon
Main woh londa nahi jo tere saath padta hoon
White ghini laya hoon
Tujhe pick kar lun
Dekh lunga aashiq or teri teacher nu
Leke chalu ride pe phir chhat khol ke
Seedhi baat karu, na karu tolmol ke tonight
I gotta hold you tight
Aaj hogi late phone karke ghar pe bol de

you should look into my eyes
when I am talking to you
I am not the guy who studies with you
I got white Lamborghini for you
I'll pick you up
I'll take care of your lovers and teachers
I'll take you for a ride, then you can open and lick
I like to talk straight and not around for tonight
I gotta hold you tight
Call home and inform that you'll be late today

Ghar pe chalna hai yaa pehle jayegi club
Nahi, mera matlab, Ghar ke Club?
Tab lunga left, nahi to right!
Club mein hoga shor, baby ghar pe pillow fight
You decide ki kya karna hai
Tujhko to zara sa bhi dar na hai
Champagne ger di hai tune meri pant pe
Aur kehti hai change karlo hotel leke rent pe

Wanna go home or first we'll go to club
no I mean home or club?
then I'll take left else right
there'll be noise in the club and pillow fight at home
you decide what to do
you don't fear even a little
you dropped Champagne on my trousers
and then you say that change them by renting a room at the hotel

Suna tere college mein mere gaane ban hai
Padhne likhne ka tera na koi plan hai
Pass kara dun, phone ghuma dun
Principal bhi baby Yo Yo ki fan hai
Teri principal bhi baby Yo Yo ki fan hai
Kehndi Yo Yo Honey Singh!

I have heard that my songs are banned in your college
you have no plans of studying
I'll get you passed, by making a call
your principal is baby Yo Yo's fan
your principal is baby Yo Yo's fan
says Yo Yo Honey Singh!

Blue Eyes, hypnotize teri kardi a mennu
I swear! Chhoti dress mein bomb lagdi mennu
Bomb lagdi mainu, bomb lagdi mainu..


Anonymous said...

so wrong some of those parts.
especially what's that open and lick thingy? He's just saying "I'll take you for a ride with the car's convertible roof open" you know "chatt khol ke", so not open and lick lol.
plus the "tonight" belongs to the next sentence like "tonight I gotta hold you tight". doesn't come after tolmol ke and the translation to that is also wrong.

Anonymous said...

Does it matter? This song is disgusting just like yo yo fudu singh

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