Khushfehmiyaan Unplugged Lyrics Translation [One by Two]

Movie: One by Two
Music: Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy
Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya
Singer: Shankar Mahadevan

bulbule ke jaisa taire hawa mein
sardiyon ki dhoop sa mijaaz hai
mausamon ka rang bhi odh le
kal nahi tha par aaj hai

It floats in the air like a bubble,
the mood is like the sunshine of winters..
It would cover itself up with the color of seasons,
It wasn't all there till yesterday, but it's there today..

nabz tez iski chalti rahi
bewakoofiyon pe bhi naaz hai
sabne jaana phir bhi khul saka
yaar ye wahi raaz hai

Its pulse kept on going fast,
there's pride for the idiocies even,
everyone knew but still it couldn't be revealed,
that is the secret that it is.

kyun ishq mein ishq lage aasaan..
kyun kya pata
sach mein hua hai ya hone lagi ishq ki

Why in love, does love look easy,
Why, I don't know,
whether I am actually in love, or just getting
a false happy feeling of being in love.

raaton mein ye lori bhi gungunaaye
subah subah coffee ka cup lage
baithoon haathon mein jo akhbaar le ke
baasi surkhiyaan sab lagein
kyoon aadatein, ishq ki hain naadaan

In the nights, it hums lullabies,
feels like a cup of coffee in the morning..
When I sit with the newspaper,
all the headlines look stale (boring)
Why are the habits of love naive..

kyun kya pata
sach mein hua hai ya hone lagi ishq ki

ishq kab kis ki sunta hai
ishq ki rooi dhunta hai
jaan ke phir bhi chunta hai ishq ka raasta

To whom does love ever listen,
It just scrutches the cotton of love,
Still, even after knowing, it chooses the path of love.

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