Jo Taro Photo Nathi To Photocopy Chalse: Lyrics Translation [Jai Ho]

Movie: Jai Ho
Music: Sajid-Wajid
Lyrics: Kausar Munir
Singers: Himesh Reshammiya, Keerthi Sagathiya, Palak Muchhal

Translation for Gujarati terms and notes courtesy Darshit Joshi of Dunkdaft.

Hey Ji re..
jhat pat par ulat palat,

natkhat jhat latak matak lachak machak
chal chalat jaat

very quickly yet flip flop,
naughty, (heart) instantly go drool, can't stay at a single place, it runs (beats) that way

ay chhoro gaando thai gyo
tere mukhde mein heere panne jade,
**latko jhatko, jiyara kare

hey this boy has gone mad
There are diamonds and emeralds in your face..
the heart stops, leaps, jumps inside.

(latko - literally means that 'lachak' a 'kamariya' does)

tera ghoonghta bhi ghaghre jaisa ude
latko jhatko, jiyara kare
tu nathi to taro photo pan chalse,
jo taro photo nathi nathi nathi to photocopy pan chalshe

(actual word 'Chalshe' means chalega, but here, desi Gujarati pronounciation, without 'h')

Even your veil flies like a skirt,
the heart stops, leaps, jumps inside,
If not you, your photo will also do,
if not even your photo, photocopy too will do.

arey dhichkyaaon dhoom tere thumke dhamaake
sun sun sun ke sher mere dil ka dahaade
meow meow kaahe ko shekhi baghaare
billi ko dil ki tu sher pukaare
lalkaro na fatkaro na
mere jungle me dangal na chalse re..
gaali bhi gori tere hoto se chalse..
jo teri gaali nathi to jore-jori pan chalse.

Your dance moves are like gunshots and blasts,
When the lion of my heart listens, it roars,
Why do you boast meow meow?
Why do you call the cat of your heart as lion?
I won't allow you to fight in my jungle
even swearing from your lips, will do
if no swearing, then use of power [in a playful sense here] will do too..

suraj saja doonga chanda bichha doonga
kadamo mein keh de jo tu
suraj thakela hai chanda akela hai
bore kar tu mujko naa..
apna bana loon aa dil mein basa loon aa
tasveer main teri haan
poori nahi se to aadhi bhi chaalse
tere mann mein jagah, thodi thodi pan chalse..

I'll adorn the sun and spread the moon
under your feet, if you say..
The sun is tired and the moon is lonely,
Don't bore me..
Come, I'll make you mine, and place in my heart
a picture of yours..
If not full, even half (a picture) will do..
in your heart, even a little bit space for me, will do..

** This phrase is used as it is from a Gujarati folk song. That goes 'Tame kiya te gaam na gori raaj, achko machko kareli. (From which village you come from o beautiful? - next phrase doen't have meaning at all. Achko machko kareli (kareli means bitter gourd plant !!)

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