Punjabi Wedding Song Lyrics Translation [I to go Crazy]

Movie: Hasee to Phasee
Music: Vishal-Shekhar
Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya
Singer: Sunidhi Chauhan, Benny Dayal

I like daandiya I like garba
But if you really wanna party
Throw your hands up and twist them around
Do the bhangra everybody
Come on do the bhangra everybody

[Daandiya and Garba are two famous Gujarati dance styles. Bhangra is a Punjabi one.]

Nothing like my jatt mahiya
Nothing like my mutiyaara
Nothing like some kangna shangna
And laung da lashkaara

[Jatt Mahiya means a Jatt beloved, Mutiyaar means a Punjabi villager, used for a handsome one, generally. kangna is a bangle, kangna-shangna is a way to say it. Meaning of 'Laung da Lashkara' can be found HERE.]

Buggi te wuggi main gidda kholna

I'll begin Gidda like some boogie-woogie.

[Boogie Woogie, besides being an African American blues style, also is a famous Indian television dance show. Gidda is a Punjabi dance for women where they dance in circles.]

I to go crazy te jab vajde
Punjabi Wedding Song

I go crazy when the Punjabi wedding songs play.

Dholon ke beeton pe main taan dolna..

I have to dance on the beats of dhols.

Aaj sharam chhad ke laga jhatke
Hai is mein nothing wrong
I toh go crazy ke jab wajde
Punjabi Wedding Song

Today, leave shyness and make some dance moves,
there is nothing wrong in it.
I go crazy as the Punjabi wedding songs play.

I like daandiya....

Ae baaja te vaaja te ghodi te shaamiyaana
Laddoo te shaddoo te lassi, te khaana vaana
Happiness makkhan maar ke ho gayi multiply

Band etc. and mare and tent,
Laddoo etc. and lassi and food etc.
Happiness has gone multiplied with butter..

[In many Indian weddings, the groom comes sitting on a mare. Laddoo is an Indian delicacy and Lassi is a yoghurt like Punjabi drink. Most interestingly, the last line here says 'makkhan maar ke', which means 'with butter', a way many dishes are served in India, especially the northern region, Punjab being foremost in this. This 'makkhan maar ke' is also a kind of luxury.]

Chacha te chachi te maami te biji viji
te hothon pe laali te Phonon mein 3G-VG
Shoshon wali garm hawa pe kardi rehndi fly
Chhetti champagne-on ke dhakkan kholna

uncle and aunt, and aunt and granny etc.
and redness on lips and 3G etc. in phones..
I keep flying on the hot air of show offs,
Quickly open the caps of champagnes..

I to go crazy ke jab vajde
Punjabi Wedding Song
Life ho crazy ke tab wajde
Punjabi Wedding Song

I go crazy when Punjabi wedding songs play,
Life goes crazy when Punjabi wedding songs play.

Dholon ke beeton pe..

Ye Jodi, jannaton ki lage meherbaani
Ye Jodi, haan mujhe bhi aisi jodi hai banani
Ye jodi, apni hatheli aur lakeerein saath saath hain
jinpe mubaarak barsaatein kaaynaat karti hai

This pair, looks like a kindness of heavens,
this pair, I want to be in a pair like that.
This pair, our palms and lines (our fates) are together.
On which the universe rains holy rains..

baant mithaiyaan, lakkh vadhaiyaan
May you live long
Kahun rab ko hazaaron shukraana
Ghar mere bhi nazar-e-nazraana

distribute sweets, a hundred thousand good wishes,
May you live long..
I say thousands of thanks to God..
At my home too be His sight of Kindness..
[Mercy literally means gift, but here they ask for God's kindness basically.]

Par tere varga hi, tere jaisa hi changa maahiyaa..
Senti main hoti, aur mental dholnaa

I want a good partner like you only,
I be Senti(mental) and my beloved be mental(ly-disturbed, as in, mad like me)

I toh go crazy ke jab wajde
Punjabi Wedding Song.
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