Tu Kuja Man Kuja Meaning, Language

Tu Kuja Man Kuja is Persian, that is Farsi, for the next line, Tu kahaan, main kahaan. Tu is tu, you. Man is main, I. And Kuja is kahaan, where.

Hence, Tu Kuja man kuja means 'where are you, where am I', or 'tu kahaan, main kahaan' as Sunidhi sings in Hindi.

One interesting thing is that except for this one line, the entire song is Hindi, to a large extent filled with quite Sanskrit-like (known as tatsam) words, making it a meeting of extremes, as Urdu and Hindi are almost derived from Persian and Sanskrit which are older, more pure languages, and while Urdu and Hindi go hand in hand, Persian and Sanskrit are hardly ever used together.

[For the complete Highway song, see THIS POST.]


Anonymous said...

A very meaningful song....with awesome voice...!!!

Niraj Verma said...

So soulful bless u irsha sir!

Chauhdary said...

This beautiful kalam is not in hindi or sansikrit, not even a single word.
It was written by Maulana Roum (R.A.) in persian. The urdu words you listen are only the urdu translation of the persian version.
It is about the praise of the Last Messenger of God, Prophet Muhammad (MPBUH).

Jishan Qureshi said...

Very nice words you were put

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