Nuvvante naaku Lyrics and Translation | Heart Attack(2014) |

Movie: Heart Attack
Music: Anup Rubens
Language: Telugu

Hello O girlo
Hello girlo
Kiss me on my
Oh yeah!!

Nuvvante naaku Chaala Chaala Chaala ishtame
Adhi maatallona cheppaleka, muddhe adigaane.

I like you very much
Words couldn't express that, that is why I've asked you for a kiss.

Nenacchithe ivvacchu ga
Ledhantene maanocchuga
Anthe gaani andhari lonu chempa meedha laagi kodathaava?!

If you like me, why don't you give me a kiss
It is fine if you don't want to
But, how dare you slap me infront of everyone?

Nuvvante | Repeat

Oh yeah...oh yeah

Ai chiraak ga untunnadhante, paraakga anipisthundhante sarigga thagalaalsindhi lip to lip kiss ye
Manasse thadabadi bothunte,vayasse vela vela bothunte, thelussa kaavaalsindhi Masala kiss ye.

If you're restless, not interested in surroundings what is needed is a lip to lip kiss
When heart starts hesitating/fluttering and when youth is not staying calm, what is needed is a spicy kiss. 

Single ga yettuntaadhe? Yengili padithe baaguntaadhe!
Ardhamaina kaanattuga LKG face pedathaava??!

How does it feel like being single?(Not good right)
If you share( a kiss) with someone, it would get better
Though you understood, why do you give an expression of a kindergarten kid?

Nuvvante | Repeat |

oh pedhaallo yanthram untaadhe, adhedho aathram untaaadhe, yyenneno muddhulnaina hook ye vesthaadhe
Idhedho baane undhantu amaantham neeku anipisthe O saari practice chesei alavaataipoddhe!!

Lips have got machinery in them
Some excitement too
It can hook many kisses.
If you instantly feel that this is somewhat good,try practicing and you'll get used to it.

Sim ye leni cell yendhuke?
Chumma leni janmendhuke?
Nee manchike chebuthunnaane kaastha kiss me kiss me thondharaga

what's the use of a cell without a sim in it?
And a life with out a kiss?
So I suggest you to kiss me as soon as possible, all for your good.

Nuvvante | Repeat |

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