Tune Maari Entriyan Re Dil Mein Baji Ghantiyan Tan Lyrics Translation

Movie: Gunday
Music: Sohail Sen
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Singers: Bappi Lahiri, K.K., Neeti Mohan, Vishal Dadlani

Tune maari entriyan re
Dil mein baji ghantiyaan re, Tann!
Dil ki sun commentriyan re
Pyaar ki guarantiyan re, Tung!

You took entries
and bells struck in my heart, Tung!
Listen to the commentaries of the heart,
the guarantees of love, Tung!

[Tung, or Tunn, ot Tun or Tang or whatever is trying to speak the sound of a bell here.]

Arey taada taadi karna
Na ab nahi sudharna
Phootne laga hai re chaahaton ka jharna

To see (as in, birdwatching, looking at her),
no, now we don't have to become good.
The waterfall of love has begun to break off (from the heart)..

Dil ki na marammatein hoN
Naa koi warrantiyan re, Tang!

There be no repairs of the heart,
nor any warranties, Tann!

Tune mari entriyan re
Dil mein baji ghantiyaan re, Tan!

Seeti veeti, aankhein vaankhein na yoon maaro
Phenko na chaahat ke daane
Majnoo-Ranjhe saare jhoothe hain yahaan pe
Jhoothe hain dil ke fasaane

Don't whistle, wink etc. like that,
Don't throw me grains of love.. [as in, don't entice me with promise of love]
all the lovers are fake here,
the stories of hearts are false..

chaahe to, le le tu
Wafaa ki aaj kasme-wasme
na hoon main, na hai dil
Zara bhi dekh apne bas mein, bas mein

If you so wish, you can today take from us
promises of faith, love
Neither am I there, nor the heart,
in control here at all, see for yourself..

Peechhe mere aashiqon ki
poori poori countriyan re, Tang..
maine maari entriyaan re
Dil mein baji ghantiyaan re, Tang!

Following me there are complete countries
of lovers, Tang!
When I took entries,
bells struck in the heart, Tang!

meethi meethi baatein kar ke aana chaahe
Dheere se nazdeek pyaare
Haan bhole panchhi tu na samjhe ke main kya hoon
Sholon ko samjhe tu taare

With sweet talks you want to come closer to me
slowly O dear..
O innocent bird, you don't know what I am,
You think of fireballs as stars..

jo bhi hai, jaisi hai
Meri hai jaan maine maana
jo bhi ho jaise ho
Maine hai yaar tujhko paana, paana..

Whatever you are, howsoever,
You're my life I have admitted,
However, in whatever way,
I have to get you dear..

Senti ho ke baatein bhi
Tu kar raha hai sentiyaan re, tang!

Having gone sentimental,
You're talking sentimentally too.. Tang!

maine maari entriyaan re
Dil mein baji ghantiyaan re..


Anonymous said...

I Think its
Dheere Se Nazdeek Pyaare
not Bheed Se..

Anonymous said...

Tadatadi is a bengali word meaning quick. So it could be Tadatadi karna meaning be quick.

Ima said...

I think it " Bhejo na chaahat ke taashe"'which means do not send letters of love or something?

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