Jiyaa Main na Jiya Lyrics Translation [Gunday]

Movie: Gunday
Music: Sohail Sen
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Singer: Arijit Singh

Jiyaa.. Main na jiyaa
Rezaa Reza.. mera jiyaa..

Life, I didn't live,
My heart, all its pieces..

Main begaana sa..
Tha deewana sa..
Mujh ko teri chaahat ne bata diya..
Jiya, jiya, main na jiya..

I was away (from the world)
like someone mad,
your love has told me,
I haven't lived my life..

likhoon hawaon pe main
Nainon se naam tera
saaye se main haathon ke
saaya loon thaam tera

I write on the winds
your name, with my eyes..
With the shadow of my hands,
I'll hold your shadow..

Ishq ka tu haraf
Jis ke chaaron taraf
Meri baahon ke ghere ka
bane haashiyaan..

You're the word of love,
around which,
there be a margin of my arms..

[Here he's talking about the margin created on paper while writing, so that he can save his 'word' of love, i.e. her.]

Jiya.. Main na jiya
Reza Reza.. mera jiya..

Naina, firozi neher
Khwabon ke paani mein ghar
Aise hoon main tere bin
Sehera ki jaise sehar

Your eyes are a turquoise colored canal,
where, in the water of dreams, our house exists.
Such I am without you,
as a morning of desert..

Saans mein tu bhare
Do jahaan se pare
Aake tujhse miloon main
Mere saathiyaa..

You fill in my breath,
away from both the worlds,
I wish to come and meet you,
O my beloved..

Jiya.. Main na jiya
Reza Reza.. mera jiya..


Anonymous said...

very nice song.. loved it..

Sanket said...

It's "Mujh ko teri chaahat ne basa diya.."

Not "bata diya".

Please revise.

Could you please also provide link to Lyricst? So, All the lyrics from that particular lyricst can be found. e.g. Want to see all the songs by Irshad Kamil. Maybe, his top 10 lyrics too.

Thanks a lot.

Sanket said...

Okay. Found it. I can click on Label-Irshad Kamil and find all his songs.
However, as mentioned, I want to find his top songs. Like from Gunday - there is only "Jiya" worth mentioning.


Anonymous said...

What is haashiyan?

Small Town Girl said...

Margin or boundary

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